Federal leaders put political spin on Mother's Day messages

Most of the federal political leaders couldn't resist larding their Mothers' Day messages with overt political spin.

Harper boasts government initiatives for mothers, families

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Most of the federal political leaders couldn't resist larding their Mother's Day messages with overt political spin.

Prime Minister Harper lauded mothers as "the keystones of our families" and then went on to boast about his government's various initiatives to support mothers and their families.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's initial message, issued via Twitter and Facebook, stuck to the point of a wishing "Happy Mother's Day."

But he quickly followed with another posting, touting his $15-a-day, national child care proposal.

Green party Leader Elizabeth May included a lecture on politically correct gifts to celebrate the special day, including "ethical flowers." However, the message, posted on the Green Party's website, appears to be unavailable Sunday night. 

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau resisted the urge to make overt political hay.

His party released a short video of Trudeau's wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, talking about her mother and her own "magical" experience raising three kids.

Trudeau himself issued two tweets, one to mothers in general and another praising his wife and his mother.

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