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Fair Elections Act on Wednesday with Kady

The government's proposed changes to Canada's election laws are in the spotlight once again this week with two high-profile hearings on Parliament Hill. Kady O'Malley took your questions and comments about the controversial Fair Elections Act.

Election law changes have been widely criticized for weeks

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The controversial Fair Elections Act is in the spotlight once again this week.

The government's proposed changes to elections laws have been attracting a lot of criticism since they were tabled.

Tuesday, former chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley told MPs why the bill should be changed before it's turned into law.

Thursday, it will be former B.C. chief electoral officer Harry Neufeld's turn to outline his concerns — and Conservative MP Laurie Hawn will also testify about his own experience with voting irregularities.

Kady O'Malley took all your questions and comments on the Fair Elections Act. You can read the recap here.

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