Exit Interviews: Outgoing MPs have their say

The dramatic 2011 election brought significant turnover in the House of Commons, with several dozen sitting MPs defeated and moving on. We talk to some of them on the way out.
We're asking some of the dozens of outgoing MPs about their time in Parliament, their advice for new MPs and their view of the institution. Canadian Press

The dramatic change in political fortunes in the 2011 election saw the NDP replace the Bloc Québécois as the dominant party in Quebec and the Liberal party shrink to historic lows in seats and share of the popular vote

Those shifts meant a large turnover in MPs, with 106 rookie MPs and a large class of defeated members who won't be returning to the House.

We're talking to some of those MPs before they move on to the next chapter in their lives, to find out their proudest accomplishments and lowest point, their advice for incoming MPs and their view of Parliament as they take their leave.

Read the Exit Interviews completed so far - we'll be adding more over the next couple of weeks.