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Eve Adams and the cabinet shuffle on Wednesdays with @Kady

Kady O'Malley and Janyce McGregor take your comments and questions on MP Eve Adams defection to the Liberals and Stephen Harper's shuffle of key ministers Jason Kenney, Rob Nicholson and Pierre Poilievre. Replay our live chat.
CBC.ca politics blogger Kady O'Malley chats weekly with readers on Wednesdays With @Kady. This week: the Senate expense claims that derailed Pamela Wallin, the ethics commissioner findings that so far have not derailed Diane Finley and the multiculturalism debate that's picking up steam thanks to Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau. (CBC)

MP Eve Adams shocked political Ottawa on Monday morning when she walked into the National Press Theatre with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and announced she was leaving the Conservative Party.

Not to be outdone, her former boss, Stephen Harper, grabbed headlines with a shuffle of key ministers not one hour later.

What do you think of Adams's decision to leave the Conservatives — and of the Liberals' decision to welcome her into the fold?

And what do you think of the prime minister's decision to move Jason Kenney, one of his most capable ministers, into the Defence portfolio while naming Rob Nicholson to take over Foreign Affairs from John Baird?

And is Ottawa-area MP Pierre Poilievre ready to handle Kenney's old Employment and Social Development duties along with his existing democratic reform role and responsibility for the National Capital Commission?

Replay our live chat from earlier: