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Elise von Scheel is a reporter and producer with the CBC's Parliamentary Bureau, currently working in Calgary. You can get in touch with her at elise.von.scheel@cbc.ca.

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Funding dries up for oil worker transition program

Edge Up, run through Calgary Economic Development, helps displaced energy sector workers pivot from oil and gas to careers in the city's growing digital technology industry — but it's reached the end of its pilot project funding. 
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Why officials took over this Calgary seniors home with a COVID-19 outbreak (and 4 others with the same owner)

Experts say there were clues before the COVID-19 pandemic escalated that Millrise Care Centre couldn’t stay afloat without help if it were hit with an outbreak — and that the parent company’s track record shows the need to overhaul the seniors care industry.

'Death doesn't just stop': How funeral homes are coping with COVID-19

Funeral homes are listed as an essential service in Alberta. That comes with a host of new challenges as they struggle to adapt to increasing demand and fewer resources. 

Canada's plan for COVID-19 international aid just beginning, minister says

More federal money could be freed up for different countries and international NGOs in the coming months as the pandemic continues around the world. It's also possible that Canada could send protective equipment like masks and gloves overseas — though the government insists it won't do so until it's convinced Canada has enough.
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Alberta health minister used confidential information to call protesting doctors

When Dr. John Julyan-Gudgeon went to the hospital to protest health-care cuts, he didn't expect it to lead to an after-hours phone call on his personal cellphone from the health minister. But that's exactly what happened.

Daycare spaces reopen for children of Alberta's essential workers

So far, 192 centres across the Alberta have agreed to take part. Others have refused as the province tries to increase the number of daycare spaces to 15,000.

'Make their lives difficult': Political partisanship persists during Alberta's COVID-19 response

Norms may have shifted for most of the political world during the COVID-19 outbreak, but it's partisan business as usual at the Alberta Legislature. 

Ottawa searching for 'easy wins' for Alberta amid federal-provincial tensions

The federal government is looking to douse simmering federal-provincial tensions by identifying short-term victories that can be offered to Alberta. 

'I'm fed up': Seniors living near Calgary detox shelter complain of harassment from its clients

Some say patrons of the nearby detox and shelter facility often accost or harass them. The seniors want city council to get involved so a solution can be found that keeps people safe and still allows people to get addictions treatment.

'Depressed and overwhelmed': Immigration snags split Calgary-Cuba family in half

Tito doesn't fully understand the complex process keeping his father and stepbrother thousands of miles away. But the nine-year-old has a message for the political decision makers in charge of the immigration system.

How Alberta fits into the Conservative leadership race

The province has delivered prime ministers and cabinet members to Ottawa for a century, but its role in choosing the next leader of the Conservative party could be subdued. 

Tales from the terminal: What's driving people crazy at the Calgary airport

A security officer that told a passenger women didn't know how to pack properly, a traveller patted down so forcefully they were almost knocked over, a couple falsely accused of trying to "smuggle" alcohol. These are some of the stories uncovered in complaints filed to a federal agency.

Number of coyotes sauntering down Calgary streets and snatching pets has leapt by 66% — but don't panic

The predators have grabbed the attention of Calgarians after at least three dogs were attacked in recent months. Here's why the numbers don't necessarily mean coyotes are taking over the city.

Arrival of cannabis edibles feeds new opportunities for Calgary businesses

Marijuana edibles became available in some stores across the city on Monday. More will follow suit in the coming days as deliveries will allow many other businesses to fill their shelves with gummies, chocolates, cookies and mints. 

Conservatives to pick their new leader on June 27

The Conservative Party will select its new leader on June 27 in Toronto, according to the head of the leadership organizing committee.