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David Cochrane is a senior reporter in CBC's Parliamentary bureau. He previously wrote for CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Trudeau to decide on timing of Parliament's return after meeting opposition leaders next week

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will decide whether Parliament sits before the end of this year after he wraps up a face-to-face meeting with opposition leaders in Ottawa next week, a senior Liberal source tells CBC News.

Liberals target NDP seats in opening phase of election campaign

Justin Trudeau is campaigning against a return to the Stephen Harper era — but he knows the path to victory goes through NDP ridings, and that's where he spent the opening days of the campaign.

Liberals promise to expand program for first-time homebuyers

In a pitch aimed at millennial voters in key ridings, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is promising more help for first-time homebuyers living in high-priced markets such as the greater Toronto and Vancouver areas.

Trudeau snubs Munk, Maclean's/Citytv debates but will attend commission debates

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is committing to taking part in two federal election debates and is willing to do a third — but will be a no-show for both the Munk and Maclean's/Citytv debates, despite efforts to convince the Liberal leader to take part.

'Whitewash': Hassan Diab attacks report concluding government acted properly in his extradition case

Hassan Diab and his lawyer are accusing the federal government of perpetrating a "whitewash" after an external review, released today, concluded government lawyers acted ethically and followed proper procedures in extraditing him to France on a terrorism case that later fell apart.

Probe report on Hassan Diab's extradition to France to be released Friday

The Department of Justice will this week release the findings of an external probe into Hassan Diab's extradition to France over allegations of his involvement in a 1980 bombing outside a Paris synagogue, sources familiar with the department’s plans tell CBC News.

Hassan Diab calls for release of report on extradition that sent him to French prison

Hassan Diab and his supporters are calling for the immediate release of the findings of an external review into the Ottawa university professor’s extradition to France over his alleged involvement in a 1980 bombing outside a Paris synagogue.

Pharmacare plan presents fiscal problems that go beyond the price tag

Dr. Eric Hoskins' pitch for a national pharmacare program comes with a hefty cost estimate. It also could set up new conflicts between the provinces and Ottawa over health transfers.

'Defence without being defensive': Scheer tries to blunt attack lines on racism, deficits

On Tuesday, in a banquet hall in North York, Andrew Scheer used a speech on immigration policy to do something no other leader of a mainstream party will have to do during this election cycle: stand in front of the TV cameras and assure the country his party isn't racist.

Scheer strips Tory MP of committee role after confrontation with Muslim witness

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has stripped MP Michael Cooper of his spot on the House of Commons justice committee as punishment for Cooper's angry confrontation with a Muslim witness last week in hearings dedicated to online hate.

Committee erupts after Tory MP tells Muslim witness he 'should be ashamed'

A parliamentary committee exploring online hate descended into chaos this week after a Conservative MP told a Muslim witness he should be ashamed of himself.

Report on federal role in Hassan Diab's extradition lands on justice minister's desk

A report examining whether the federal government obeyed the law and its own procedures when it extradited Canadian university professor Hassan Diab to France over his alleged involvement in a 1980 bombing outside a Paris synagogue has been delivered to Justice Minister David Lametti.

With Trudeau's leadership under fire, Liberals try to regroup before October

Federal and provincial Liberals who spoke to CBC News concede what was unthinkable just months ago — that in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin controversy, Justin Trudeau’s leadership has gone from one of the party’s greatest strengths to one of its biggest liabilities.

Wilson-Raybould set multiple conditions for ending the rift with Trudeau, say sources

Liberal MPs — including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — tried for weeks to broker a compromise with Jody Wilson-Raybould over the SNC-Lavalin controversy, but the talks ultimately failed when it became clear they could not reach an agreement with the former attorney general, sources tell CBC News.

Federal budget to target Canada-wide high speed internet by 2030

The Trudeau government will roll out a multi-year plan in the federal budget to give all Canadians access to high-speed internet by 2030, CBC News has learned.