Harper supporter's profane rant brings out all of the memes

Grandpa Simpson or the old man from Up, you decide.

Grandpa Simpson or the old man from Up, you decide

RAW: Harper supporter yells at reporters (Warning: offensive language)

8 years ago
Duration 1:29
Featured VideoAfter a Tory campaign stop in Toronto Tuesday, a supporter fed up with questions about the Duffy trial hurls profanity at reporters

It turns out yelling profane insults at a crowd of political reporters is a pretty good way to become a meme. 

This video of a Tory supporter's rant was the talk of Twitter on Tuesday.

It didn't take long for the Photoshopping to get started.

More than a few people noticed this similarity.

And this one.

​Others noticed the little things.

"Go stuff yourself" was a popular theme.

And he's even become a Heritage Minute.

In conclusion: