Climate banner unfurled on Parliament Hill

Protesters who unfurled a climate-change banner on Parliament Hill were swiftly apprehended by police.

Protesters who unfurled a climate change banner on Parliament Hill were quickly apprehended by police on Tuesday morning.

The group, which numbered eight or nine, had a number of demands, including shutting down the oilsands and ending tax breaks and subsidies for oil companies.

RCMP were out in full force to deal with the group, according to CBC News reporters at Parliament Hill.

"Our government's only domestic climate policy has been to stall action, and aggravate the problem of climate change by promoting further expansion of the tarsands and other sources of fossil fuels," said Vanessa Peterson, a Climate Justice Ottawa organizer, in a release.

In the release, the activists said they wanted the leaders of each federal party to come to Parliament's rotunda to discuss climate change solutions. They said they would refuse to leave "before this demand was met."