Chris Rands

Parliamentary bureau

Chris Rands has been a member of the CBC's Parliamentary bureau since 2001. As a producer, he has travelled with the prime minister to Panama and China and is regularly stationed, mic in hand, at the Centre Block stairs when the House is sitting. He is a former president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Latest from Chris Rands

RCAF wants Ottawa to buy two used jets for the VIP fleet

The Royal Canadian Air Force is recommending that the government buy used aircraft to replace two of the planes in its aging VIP fleet, CBC News has learned.

The daycare caucus: How the Commons is coping with a baby boom

The House of Commons has been turning an official blind eye to a group that its rules regard as strangers — the newborn children of MPs.

NDP MP loses rare secret-ballot vote to keep her private member's bill alive

An NDP MP lost her historic bid to have sitting Members of Parliament to overturn a committee decision that is stalling her bill on derelict vessels.

MPs begin two days of secret ballot voting in NDP bid to revive derelict vessel bill

History is being made Tuesday in the House of Commons as MPs begin two days of voting by secret ballot to decide whether or not to revive an NDP MP's bill on how to address boat and ship owners who abandon their vessels in Canadian waterways.

How Parliament Hill works

The cabinet room, caucus and the steps to power: the CBC"s Chris Rands goes behind the scenes of politics in Canada.

Senate's secretive committee overseeing expenses to be televised for 1st time

The Senate's secretive committee responsible for managing the Red Chamber’s financial and administrative affairs, including senators' expenses, is about to start televising its meetings for the first time.

'Do you think Kellie Leitch should have her own party?' Trudeau asks voter upset over electoral reform

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says while in Iqaluit that one of the reasons he killed his election reform promise was to prevent politicians with extreme views from gaining a foothold in Parliament.

Senate tightens rules on how senators use the Red Chamber

The Senate is tightening the rules on how Senators use the Red Chamber for personal videos and photography, after a Conservative senator posted a partisan video filmed in the chamber before Christmas.

Conservative senator accuses Trudeau of trying to 'destroy' opposition in the Senate

Conservative Senator Denise Batters is accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of trying to eliminate opposition in the Senate, in a video posted to YouTube Tuesday.

Royal Canadian Navy fires 1st sea-to-shore precision Harpoon missile

For the first time in its history the Royal Canadian Navy has successfully fired a ship based precision missile at a target on land. The Harpoon Block 11 missile is an improved version of the anti-ship missile carried by Canadian frigates for decades.

Coast guard tests out drone on George R Pearkes, near Fogo Island

The Canadian Coast Guard is testing out a drone aboard the George R Pearkes, operating off the coast of Fogo Island.

200 new MPs pose a challenge for those covering Parliament Hill

Tuesday is the final day for orientation of new MPs on Parliament Hill. They will take their seats in the Commons when it returns on Thursday. But for parliamentary journalists, the challenge has just begun. How do you remember all their names?

Shooting on Parliament Hill: What CBC's raw camera footage shows

On the morning a gunman ran right in the front door of Parliament Hill's Centre Block, CBC/Radio-Canada had assigned three different camera crews to cover the weekly party caucus meetings. When shots rang out, news instincts kicked in: each bravely pressed the record button. Watch the uncut footage here.