Another of the PM's planes is grounded - this time for an engine fault

Another of the aircraft that carry the prime minister on international trips has been grounded — this time because of an issue with its engine.
An Airbus, with marking 02, sits on the tarmac at London's Stansted Airport waiting to bring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his entourage home from the NATO summit. The plane, one of five in the Royal Canadian Air Force's fleet, was pressed into service after the prime minister's main plane was damaged and another spare one experienced engine trouble. (Pool photo)

Another of the aircraft that carry the prime minister on international trips has been grounded.

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Air Force said today that one of its CC-150 Polaris jets "became unserviceable" after a "routine" post-flight inspection on Monday found an unspecified problem with one of its engines.

"A different CC-150 Polaris (tail number 02) has traveled to London to bring [Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's] delegation back to Canada at the conclusion of the NATO leaders meeting today," says a media statement.

"In the meantime, the RCAF has other aircraft that can be used for transport and are confident it can meet the needs of the government while the aircraft is being repaired."

On Monday, the Canadian Armed Forces confirmed that the CC-150 that usually transports the prime minister to international events had been grounded until August 2020 because of a collision at CFB Trenton that damaged the nose and one of its engines.

A photo released by the Royal Canadian Air Force shows damage to the nose of the prime minister's VIP Airbus, known as 01, in a hangar at 8-Wing Trenton. A backup, numbered 03, ferried Justin Trudeau, officials and media to London earlier this week but then was taken out of service due to engine trouble. (RCAF)

The nearly 30-year-old passenger aircraft, which is specially outfitted with a private cabin, was being towed "by contracted maintenance personnel" at the military's largest airbase in Trenton, Ont., when it "suffered significant structural damage to the nose and right engine cowling," said air force spokesman Lt.-Col Steve Neta.

The aircraft rolled into the back wall of a hangar.

"The incident remains under investigation to determine causes and identify preventive measures," Neta added.

The plane that flew Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team to London, is not the one that's flying him home. This morning an inspection found a problem with one of its engines. So this plane, was flown to London to pick up Trudeau, his team and the press travelling with him. 0:27


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