You can now track the latest federal election polls on your smart speaker

You can now get the latest party poll numbers on your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Ask CBC for the latest polls, and you'll get the most recent projections

If you've got an Amazon Echo, left, or a Google Home, you can ask them for the latest poll numbers. They will answer back with the most recent results from CBC's Poll Tracker. (Mark Lennihan/The Associated Press)

You can now get the latest party poll numbers on your Google Home or Amazon Echo.

  • If you use Home or Google Assistant, the cue is: Hey Google, ask CBC for the latest polls.
  • If you have an Echo, say: Alexa, ask CBC for the latest polls — and add it to your daily flash briefing by saying: Alexa, enable the flash briefing for CBC Poll Tracker.

You'll then get the latest results from CBC's Poll Tracker.

The tracker aggregates all publicly available polling data to give poll averages, seat projections and probabilities of winning.

It tracks the six main parties: the Liberals, the Conservatives, the New Democrats, the Greens, the Bloc Québécois and the People's Party, but also factors in others. The tool is maintained by Éric Grenier, CBC's polls analyst.

Currently, Poll Tracker has the Liberals and Conservatives in a virtual tie, with the Liberals slightly favoured in the seat count.

Polls will be updated daily during the election campaign, if not more frequently as polling data comes in.

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