Matthew Dubé only member of NDP's 'McGill 4' re-elected in 2015

Matthew Dubé is the only New Democrat who will be returning to Ottawa among the "McGill Four" group of young Quebec MPs. Their surprise elections were part of the "orange wave" that swept la belle province in 2011, but didn't hold in 2015.

All four of the 'accidental MPs' hoped to prove their 2011 win was not a one-off

New Democrat MPs Matthew Dubé, left to right, Laurin Liu, Mylène Freeman, and Charmaine Borg were known as the "McGill Four" group of Quebec MPs who were elected as the "orange wave" swept la belle province four years ago. Only Dubé will be returning to Ottawa when Parliament is convened. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Matthew Dubé is the only New Democrat left standing out of the "McGill Four" group of young Quebec MPs elected when the "orange wave" swept la belle province four years ago.

Mylène Freeman, Laurin Liu and Charmaine Borg were defeated Monday night as the Liberal Party surged to win a majority government in Monday's election.

The NDP was reduced once more to third-party status as it lost numerous seats in Quebec as well as prominent candidates in other provinces.

New Democrat Matthew Dubé was elected in the Quebec riding of Beloeil-Chambly in the federal election of Oct. 19, 2015. (House of Commons )

The group of four MPs in their twenties had hoped to prove that their elections in 2011 were not one-offs.

The "accidental MPs," as they became known, were elected while still enrolled in university and active in campus politics or in the case of Dubé and Freeman with a degree recently in hand. Both obtained their degrees from McGill that same year.

The oldest of the group, Dubé, 27, won in the Quebec riding of Beloeil—Chambly by a very tight margin against Liberal candidate Karine Desjardins. But he returns to Ottawa without his three McGill colleagues.

"​Tough night but proud of my team. What a privilege," he said in a post on Twitter.

'No regrets'

Mylène Freeman, one of several female New Democrats to be defeated Monday night, did not spend too much time lamenting her loss.

On Tuesday, her new bio on Twitter said "A free woman. Former NDP MP & Women's Critic. #strong #feminist #noregrets."

"Thank you for the support. I gave it my best and came very close. No regrets," she said on Tuesday in a post on Twitter.

Freeman said she was "incredibly humbled" to have been able to work with such a strong group of female caucus colleagues such as Megan Leslie, who lost in the riding of Halifax.

The former opposition critic for the status of women did not waste any time criticizing her Liberal opponents.

"​It's shameful that, [with] so many ridings swept, the Liberals elected so few women. I am disappointed. But not surprised," she said in a post on Twitter.

Laurin Liu expressed her gratitude to those who voted for her in the riding of Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, saying it had been an honour to represent them in Ottawa.

Charmaine Borg also was defeated in the Quebec riding of Terrebonne-Blainville.


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