Election Pollcast: The view from the campaigns' final days

CBC reporters James Cudmore, Catherine Cullen and Tom Parry join host Eric Grenier to talk about what they saw with the campaigns in the final days. Download or listen to the podcast.

Host Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC's James Cudmore, Catherine Cullen, and Tom Parry

Justin Trudeau led Canada's Liberal Party to a majority win. (CBC )

The CBC Election Pollcast, hosted by CBC poll analyst and ThreeHundredEight.com founder Éric Grenier, explores the world of political polls, their influence on the media and the trends they show.

Joining Éric on today's podcast are James Cudmore, Catherine Cullen and Tom Parry. These CBC reporters were with the campaigns in the final days. They share their first-hand experience of what they saw and what they heard before the first votes were counted.

Also, Éric closes with his final thoughts on how the polls and projections did in this roller coaster campaign.

On this edition of the CBC Election Pollcast, we take a look at what lead to Monday’s historic results with three CBC reporters who were on the road with the leaders during their final days on the road. Could the campaigns see what was coming?

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