Globe and Mail mocked on Twitter after endorsing Tories but not Harper

The Globe and Mail has endorsed the Conservative Party for the fourth consecutive federal election, but said the party's leader, Stephen Harper, doesn't deserve another mandate.

'Globe endorsement is in: keep the pandas but kill the mother'

Despite endorsing the Conservative Party, the Globe and Mail newspaper will not endorse its leader, Stephen Harper. The paper's position set off a barrage of tweets mocking the confusing stance. (Twitter)

The Globe and Mail has endorsed the Conservative Party of Canada for the fourth consecutive federal election.

While the newspaper endorsed the party, it did not endorse its leader, Stephen Harper. The Globe headline reads: "The Tories Deserve Another Mandate – Stephen Harper Doesn't."

The notable caveat to the paper's endorsement spurred two hashtags, which were used to ridicule the paper's decision.

Both #MoreGlobeEndorsements and #OtherGlobeEndorsements quickly took off on Twitter.

The hashtag #OtherGlobeEndorsements was started by former Globe columnist Stephen Marche. 

Editor in chief David Walmsley took to Facebook shortly after the endorsement to help readers better understand the position of the newspaper.

Many people used #OtherGlobeEndorsements

While others opted to use #MoreGlobeEndorsements

And some opted to use no hashtag at all


  • An earlier version of this story stated Stephen Marche started the hashtag #MoreGlobeEndorsements. In fact, Marche started #OtherGlobeEndorsements.
    Oct 16, 2015 6:58 PM ET


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