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'Distasteful alliances': The secret story of Canada's fight against migrants

Doing business with alleged criminals, hunting for human smugglers, providing surveillance equipment to corrupt regimes: Those are just some of the methods used to prevent migrants from making their way to Canada.

NDP asking for investigation into RCMP officer's spying allegations

The NDP is trying to prod the federal government into launching an investigation into whether the RCMP used invasive — and possibly illegal — techniques to eavesdrop on one of their own during a harassment lawsuit.

Privacy commissioner calling on wireless networks to plug security gap

Canada's privacy watchdog is sounding the alarm about the threat of hackers intercepting mobile phone communications from a single phone number.

UN pushing Canada to compensate Quebec man tortured in Mexico

The United Nations Committee Against Torture is asking the Canadian government to explain why it still hasn't acted on a 2011 order to compensate Régent Boily, a Quebec man tortured in a Mexican prison.

Mounties, CSIS still haven't publicly ID'd people behind electronic cell surveillance in Ottawa

After investigating for over a year, the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) are still unable to publicly identify those who have deployed electronic espionage devices in the national capital.

Block of ice nearly hit worker weeks before Bruneau's death

A few weeks before Olivier Bruneau was killed by a piece of ice while working on a Claridge construction site, a block of ice fell right next to another worker on the same site, a Radio-Canada investigation learned.

Intelligence agency withheld information from statement about MP's phone hack

Five months after a Radio-Canada/CBC investigation revealed that the country's major mobile networks are vulnerable to hacking and fraud, documents obtained through Access to Information show that the agency responsible for the security of the federal government's networks withheld some information from the public at the time.

Rogers, Bell and Public Safety refused interviews on phone hack - but talked about it in private

After a CBC News/Radio-Canada investigation in November revealed it was relatively easy to hack MPs' phones on the Bell and Rogers mobile networks, the companies and Public Safety Canada refused to give interviews. That didn't stop them from talking to one another, however.

Quebec man tortured in Mexican prison wants answers from federal government

Canadian Régent Boily spent 10 years in a Mexican prison, where he experienced torture more than once. Now on parole in Canada, he wants the federal government to explain why officials let it happen.
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Questions prompt coroner's inquest into 1996 construction death

A CBC news investigation into the March 2016 construction site death of Olivier Bruneau has prompted the regional coroner to examine the death of Jesus Revilla, who died in 1996 while working for the same company, under the same supervisor.

Cellphone companies may need to step up privacy protections, minister says

Canada's Public Safety Minister is questioning whether Canadian cellphone companies are doing enough to protect their customers' privacy, after a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation.

Hackers only needed a phone number to track this MP's cellphone

A CBC/Radio-Canada demonstration shows just how easy it is for hackers halfway across the world to spy on a Canadian MP’s phone calls and track his movements.

Claridge stalling investigation into worker's death, police say

CBC/Radio-Canada has learned a police investigation into the 2016 death of a Gatineau man at a Preston Street work site is at an impasse because one of the companies involved in the case refuses to co-operate.

Accused in death of construction worker, company linked to death of other workers

On Thursday, May 25, the Ontario Court of Justice will hear the case surrounding Oliver Bruneau's death at a Preston Street construction site in March 2016. Radio-Canada has learned that two of the parties accused of breaking Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act have already been fined in the deaths of other workers.

Senator Colin Kenny faces review by Senate ethics officer

The Senate's ethics officer has launched a preliminary review of Senator Colin Kenny and his use of parliamentary resources for personal tasks, CBC's French-language service Radio-Canada has learned.