Bob Weiers


Bob Weiers is a Senior Producer at CBC News, primarily assigned to elections and live events. He's been covering politics since joining the CBC in 1990. His first election as a member of the CBC Core Group (the production team that travels the country setting up all that's needed to do an election night show) was in Alberta in 2004. He has worked on every one since.

Latest from Bob Weiers

How the Saskatchewan election map changes this time around

The election map of Saskatchewan has changed since voters went to the polls five years ago.

Electronic voting comes to Ontario in Whitby-Oshawa byelection

For the first time in nearly 100 years, some voters in Thursday’s Whitby-Oshawa byelection will have a new way to vote. Elections Ontario is running a pilot project using electronic vote tabulator machines in 42 of the 70 polls in the riding.

Baseball and politics intersect again in summer of 2015

The Toronto Blue Jays found themselves in first place in the American League's Eastern Division Thursday morning, the first time they have held that position on an August day since 1993. Something else was going on during the team's thrilling stretch drive 22 years ago.

Federal riding boundary changes add to 2015 election intrigue

The redrawing of Canada's electoral boundaries and the addition of 30 new ridings for 2015 through redistribution means the election map has changed a lot since the Conservatives won their majority in 2011. Bob Weiers looks at how the effects of the changes could ripple through an election year.

New Brunswick: A different kind of election night

Whether you are watching on TV, listening on radio or following online, be prepared for a very different kind of election night than we’ve ever had before in a provincial election.

Ontario election 2014: 12 key ridings

Early results from a handful of key Ontario ridings on election night could provide a hint about which party will end the night with the most seats. Here are 12 ridings to watch to gauge the parties' fortunes.

Quebec election 2014: Ridings to watch on election night

Although much of the focus during an election campaign is on the party leaders, every election features individual political battles between candidates in specific ridings, and this Quebec election has plenty of them. CBC News elections veteran Bob Weiers looks at five ridings to watch tonight.