Terry Milewski

Terry Milewski worked in 50 countries during 38 years with the CBC. He was the CBC's first Middle East Bureau Chief, spent eight years in Washington during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations and was based in Vancouver for 14 years before returning to Ottawa as senior correspondent.

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It's the Atwal effect — and nobody's immune

The tsunami is spreading far from the epicentre of the Jaspal Atwal earthquake. It doesn't discriminate between political parties.

Convicted attempted murderer invited to reception with Trudeau in India

Jaspal Atwal, a convicted former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group, was invited to dine with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a formal event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Thursday in Delhi.

Goodbye and good riddance to a ghastly year

It often seemed interminable, but 2016 has, at last, limped to the finish line. Was it really as bad as they say? No — it was worse.

Ukraine's pilot heroine tells Canada: Don't be nice to Putin

Nadiya Savchenko is a national hero in Ukraine after going AWOL to fight Russian-backed separatists and for enduring two years in a Russian jail. Freed in a prisoner swap, she's in politics now and warns against any warming in relations with Vladimir Putin's regime.

Trudeau stays polite as Trump rages against NATO and NAFTA

Up to now, Canadian officials have tried to stay out of the U.S. election, even as Donald Trump denounces NAFTA. But now, Trump is going after NATO, too. Is it time to stop being diplomatic?

Is Canada's 'capability gap' military or political?: Terry Milewski

First, the Conservatives bemoaned the military's "decade of darkness" under the Liberals. Then, the Liberals bemoaned the military's treatment under the Conservatives. So they're both really good at moaning about the sad state of Canada's armed forces. But will anyone actually fix the problem?

The Three Amigos: Whistling past the graveyard?

In Ottawa, the three North American leaders speak up for the reigning postwar doctrine of free trade and economic integration. But disintegration seems more in fashion as their rivals at home and abroad build up walls.

Boris says Brexit will be a breeze. Really?: Terry Milewski

Shakespeare's "sceptered isle" is facing a long, wrenching negotiation over trade and the movement of people across Europe. That includes two million British expats living in the EU, and many more around the world — notably Canada. A British passport gave them free access to 28 countries — but now, it's just one.

Changing O Canada: Is God next?: Terry Milewski

A bill to make Canada's national anthem gender-neutral will face a final vote in the House of Commons next week, but some traditionalists say it's a slippery slope to the removal of the Christian God.

China's 'microphone diplomacy' misfires again

Doubling down on Foreign Minister Wang Yi's berating of Canadian reporters, China's ambassador to Canada says China's defence of human rights is "universally recognized." It isn't.