Terry Milewski

Terry Milewski worked in 50 countries during 38 years with the CBC. He was the CBC's first Middle East Bureau Chief, spent eight years in Washington during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations and was based in Vancouver for 14 years before returning to Ottawa as senior correspondent.

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Tara Singh Hayer and the 'incentive to kill'

Murdered journalists don't always make global headlines. When a government is suspected of the crime, it's big news. When it's some squalid band of criminals? Not so much.

How a Canadian scientist turned personal tragedy into a quest to transform lives in India

Dr. Chandra Sankurathri left Canada 30 years ago, grieving for the family he lost in the Air India bombing. What he did with that grief can only be called inspiring.

It's the Atwal effect — and nobody's immune

The tsunami is spreading far from the epicentre of the Jaspal Atwal earthquake. It doesn't discriminate between political parties.

Convicted attempted murderer invited to reception with Trudeau in India

Jaspal Atwal, a convicted former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group, was invited to dine with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a formal event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Thursday in Delhi.

'We are at the crossroads between peace and war,' ambassador warns of North Korea's nuclear threat

South Korea's Ambassador to Canada weighs in on the state of escalated tensions with North Korea: 'We're at the crossroads between peace and war.'

Living and loving the Cold War: The wild ride of a Canadian diplomat and spy

Diplomacy is not designed to be a wild ride, but Bill Warden's lasted three decades. He died in 2011, before his vivid journals were collected and published this fall by his daughter, Lisa, under the title, Diplomat, Dissident, Spook.

Goodbye and good riddance to a ghastly year

It often seemed interminable, but 2016 has, at last, limped to the finish line. Was it really as bad as they say? No — it was worse.

Ukraine's pilot heroine tells Canada: Don't be nice to Putin

Nadiya Savchenko is a national hero in Ukraine after going AWOL to fight Russian-backed separatists and for enduring two years in a Russian jail. Freed in a prisoner swap, she's in politics now and warns against any warming in relations with Vladimir Putin's regime.

B.C. LNG project the latest Harper scheme to win Liberal nod

In green-lighting a massive natural gas project, the Liberals are approving a Stephen Harper scheme, and not for the first time. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asks, "Is this what you meant by real change?"

Clinton, Trump and trade: The curious case of the Democrat attack dogs that didn't bark

Speaker after speaker at the Democratic convention condemned Donald Trump — but not even Bill Clinton, who fathered NAFTA, found fault with Trump's pledge to rip it up. Ditto, Hillary Clinton. This doesn't bode well for Canada.