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Stockwell Day, a senior federal cabinet minister from 2006 to 2011, when he chose not to seek re-election, has been minister of public safety and international trade, as well as head of the Treasury Board. He is a regular contributor on the CBC News Network's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon.

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Assisted-suicide ruling response requires nationwide debate

Last week's Supreme Court ruling on assisted suicide has given our MPs a year to bring in new legislation. The debate around what this law should look like must reach far beyond Parliament Hill. This is a critical democratic moment for any citizen who wishes to have input on this life and death matter, writes Stockwell Day.

Advice for politicians caught in the media firestorm

Anybody who engages in public life with a desire to make a contribution will sooner or later go through the "living hell" of a media firestorm, writes Stockwell Day. But, he argues, even with the heat from the media and the so-called Twitterverse, patience and grace under fire can be virtues.

JFK's image endures as his conservative legacy fades: Stockwell Day

JFK never gets old. As heartbreaking as his assassination was, it bequeathed upon him something that escapes most mortals: the aura of eternal youthfulness. What hasn't endured quite so well is a common understanding of his conservative policy positions, argues Stockwell Day.

World won't wait for Canada to aid in progress: Stockwell Day

Canada can play a part in the phenomenal development taking place around the world - but the world won't wait. They will get the energy, resources and human talent they need from other places if Canada can't deliver, writes Stockwell Day.

Stockwell Day: Abolish the Senate? Build it up instead

Not only is abolishing the Senate next to impossible, it's also a bad idea. An Upper Chamber filled with provincially-elected representatives would be far better and address a major flaw in Canada's parliamentary system.

Stockwell Day: Ralph Klein was 'genuine,' kept his word

Stockwell Day, who served in former Alberta premier Ralph Klein's cabinet, remembers the man he describes as 'just Ralph.'

Stockwell Day: With budgets, it's the spending, stu--d

There is an inconvenient truth about government spending: As its size relative to the overall economy increases, the prosperity of citizens shrinks - and that's the problem facing Canadian finance ministers during this budget season, Stockwell Day writes.

Stockwell Day: Time will run out on the politics of debt

Politicians who support more spending as a way to reduce debt are hoping mainly for one thing: timing. It worked for President Barack Obama, but Conservatives should oppose it for the long-term good, Stockwell Day writes.

Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and the liberal media

Two summer predictions: Justin Trudeau will run for the leadership of the Liberal party and win. And Barack Obama will win a second term as president. Why? The media can't help themselves.