Steve Patterson


As host of CBC Radio One’s wildly successful show The Debaters, Steve Patterson has become a household name. He's an international headline stand-up comedian, and has performed on a number of Just For Laughs’ prestigious televised galas. Steve was Canada's Best Male Stand-Up in 2011.

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An open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The host of CBC Radio's The Debaters offers the prime minister-designate good wishes and some advice for "Trudeau: Part Deux."

'Twas the night before election, 2015

Steve Patterson, comedian, host of CBC Radio's The Debaters and - who knew? - poet, offers an ode to the election campaign of 2015.

Fringe candidates raise a little hell come election time

In my west-end Toronto riding, smiling volunteers carefully checked my ID, handed me a pencil and presented me with a ballot that had, wait for it … seven choices of candidates. Seven? Where did all these "other" candidates come from?

A pot full of promises, with holes in the polls

With what feels like 107 weeks of campaigning behind us and just two weeks to go, the parties are making their promises and the polls are confusing. Comedian Steve Patterson sorts it all out for us.

The French-language leaders' debate: Lost in translation, or just lost?

Steve Patterson, comedian and host of CBC Radio's The Debaters, tries to make sense of the French-language leaders' debate but finds himself lost in translation.

How I would have made the leaders' debate better (or at least funnier)

Comedian Steve Patterson, host of CBC Radio's The Debaters, gives debate organizers some tips on how to make the federal leaders' debates more watchable.

Peter Mansbridge and the leaders' fields of dreams

Comedian Steve Patterson watches and reviews Peter Mansbridge's interviews with the four main federal party leaders on CBC's The National so you don't have to (well, you still should). Here's what he found.