Sarah Sears


Sarah covers Parliament Hill as a field producer and journalist for CBC News and frequently travels across the country and around the world covering news events. She works as a pool producer for Canadian TV when the prime minister travels internationally. Before joining the political bureau in 2018, Sarah worked at CBC News in Toronto for more than a decade. You can reach her at or @iamsas on Twitter.

Latest from Sarah Sears

New 'immersive' exhibit gives visitors a virtual peek inside Parliament

The Library of Parliament is hoping to give the public a feel for the Parliament buildings with a new exhibit called “Parliament: The Immersive Experience."

Premiers meet in Winnipeg to discuss affordability, housing and health care 

Officials from several provinces say affordability is their top priority heading into Monday's premiers' meeting as the cost of living soars across the country.

Olympic gold medallist rips Hockey Canada for paying her $4K for post-concussion medical expenses

Olympic gold medallist Katie Weatherston says it was "unjust" of Hockey Canada to tell her it only had $4,000 available to cover medical expenses for an ongoing traumatic brain injury she sustained while playing for Team Canada.

Protesters' idling trucks are making downtown Ottawa's air quality worse

Fumes from anti-vaccine mandate protesters' trucks and smoke from their barbecues and campfires is damaging air quality in downtown Ottawa.

After a slow start, Canada's vaccine rollout is now a race against time

Deliveries of vaccine doses to Canada have been ramping up in size and frequency. But due to the vaccination campaign's slow start — and the recent emergence of highly contagious virus variants — governments and public health officials are under enormous pressure to deliver first doses as swiftly as possible.

Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell, federal government face civil suit over sexual harassment allegations

A Dutch-Canadian woman formerly employed by the High Commission of Canada in London is suing former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell and the federal government over incidents alleged to have taken place in 2013, when Campbell was Canada's high commissioner to the U.K.

Trudeau's long campaign to join UN Security Council winds down as ambassadors vote

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's long campaign to see Canada elected to a temporary seat on the UN Security Council culminates Wednesday in New York as ambassadors from member states prepare to vote.

Premiers, chiefs, all Canadians divided over Trans Mountain, says AFN Chief Bellegarde

Resolving divisive issues like the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline would be made easier if Indigenous people had a seat at the table, Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday.

Ottawa hosted confidential talks with North Korea on de-nuclearization

Canada quietly hosted high-level officials from North Korea back in the fall — a low-profile effort to convince the police state to respect human rights and abandon its quest for a nuclear arsenal.

A relic of Canada's atom age, the NRU reactor is shutting down for good

On March 31, a little-known part of Canada’s nuclear history will end.