Richard Raycraft

Web writer and producer

Richard is a web writer with CBC News and an associate producer with CBC Radio. He's worked at CBC in London, Ont., Toronto, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo and Ottawa.

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Feds say no one will be left behind in wildfire zone as military evacuation flights begin

Federal government ministers said Friday emergency operations are going well as wildfires rage in the Northwest Territories and around Kelowna, B.C., and pledged full federal support for those affected by the crisis.

Supreme Court will hear airlines' challenge of federal passenger protection rules

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an appeal on a case concerning the scope of Canada's protections for air travellers, including rules for compensating passengers for cancelled or delayed flights and lost baggage.

Military members can now file sexual misconduct complaints directly to human rights commission

The federal government announced Tuesday that soldiers filing complaints about sexual misconduct or sex and gender discrimination now have the option of taking their grievances directly to the civilian Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Conservatives call for committee's foreign interference probe to resume

The Conservatives are calling for a House of Commons committee to resume its probe into foreign interference in Canada, citing a disinformation operation which targeted Conservative MP Michael Chong.

Hugh Segal, former senator and chief of staff to PM Mulroney, dead at 72

Hugh Segal, a prominent figure in Canadian politics for more than five decades, has died. He was 72.

Global Affairs says disinformation operation targeted MP Michael Chong on WeChat

Global Affairs Canada says that a disinformation operation on the Chinese social media platform WeChat spread false information about Conservative MP Michael Chong.

Canada sanctions 7 Iranians over security threats and human rights violations

The federal government placed sanctions on seven Iranians Tuesday in its 13th package of sanctions on the Iranian regime in less than a year.

How climate change is affecting B.C., from cattle to glaciers to wine grapes

A cattle rancher, a vineyard owner and other British Columbians are speaking out on the ways temperature extremes and wildfires are changing their lives, businesses and hobbies.

Border duty free shops call for complete forgiveness of pandemic loans

Border duty free stores are calling on the federal government to completely forgive loans they took out during the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing that border traffic has not returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The unofficial — and untitled — role of prime minister's spouse

The spouse of Canada's prime minister can play an important role in advocacy and representing the country, but marriage to the country's head of government comes with no official office, functions, title or even an agreed upon form of address.