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Former RCMP officer charged with foreign interference granted bail

A former RCMP officer charged with two counts of foreign interference has been granted bail by a Quebec judge.

Who is William Majcher? A closer look at the ex-Mountie charged with foreign interference

William Majcher, a retired RCMP officer charged with foreign interference, was granted bail on Tuesday afternoon. Here's what we know about the accused.

LeBlanc says he'll consult intelligence as he examines a possible path back to caucus for Han Dong

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc says he plans to obtain information from Canada's intelligence agencies as he looks into MP Han Dong's prospects for returning to the Liberal caucus.

Trudeau to waive cabinet confidence to let agencies review foreign interference documents

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to waive cabinet confidence so that two federal agencies can read the same confidential documents David Johnston, the government's special rapporteur on foreign interference, reviewed as he produced his report on foreign interference.

U.S. asks Canada to reimpose visa requirements for Mexico to stem surge of crossings at northern border

CBC News has learned U.S. officials have asked Canada to reimpose visa requirements on Mexican visits, to stop them from potentially crossing illegally into the U.S. from Canada.

How — and why — Canada and the U.S. kept their border deal secret for a year

It was big news when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden announced last week a revised Safe Third Country Agreement to control cross-border migration. But it was old news to the parties themselves — they'd agreed to the revisions a year prior and had kept it secret ever since.

Veterans Affairs Canada has been overestimating the number of veterans for decades

Veterans Affairs Canada has been overestimating the number of Canadian veterans for decades — and newly released census numbers suggest there may be 25 per cent fewer veterans than the federal government previously thought.

Parliament Hill evacuation in Ottawa may have been prompted by hoax or bad tip, sources say

An investigation into a “potential threat” behind the lockdown of Parliament Hill for a time was in its second day Sunday, after police in Ottawa determined there was no danger to public safety. Sources tell CBC News that investigators are looking into whether the source of the threat was a hoax or the result of a bad tip.

Agreement reached on First Nations child welfare compensation

Sources close to the negotiations told CBC News the agreement was reached on Friday to settle compensation claims related to a landmark Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling on First Nations child welfare compensation.

Former space agency engineer charged by Mounties claimed to have overseen major Canadian projects

Wanping Zheng, who was charged last week in what police are calling "a matter of foreign actor interference," claimed publicly to have overseen a number of major Canadian aerospace projects.