Peter Zimonjic

Senior writer

Peter Zimonjic is a senior writer for CBC News. He has worked as a reporter and columnist in London, England, for the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph and in Canada for Sun Media and the Ottawa Citizen. He is the author of Into The Darkness: An Account of 7/7, published by Random House.

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House of Commons adjourns after more than 24 hours of voting, naps and singalongs

MPs finally left the House of Commons late Friday night after voting for more than 24 hours straight, fulfilling a Conservative promise to stall the Liberal government's legislation with an avalanche of votes unless it agrees to scrap parts of its carbon tax.

Federal government unveils what it calls a 'strict' oil and gas cap to curb emissions

The Liberal government announced its regulatory framework for capping emissions in the oil and gas sector Thursday — a national cap-and-trade system that it says will set emissions limits without restricting production.

Foreign service needs fewer managers, more staff to better respond to global crises: report

Global Affairs Canada needs to reduce its complement of senior managers and reallocate resources to recruiting and training staff so the department can better respond to crisis situations, says a new Senate report.

Conservative MP introduces bill to declare December 'Christian Heritage Month'

A Conservative member of Parliament is introducing a private member's bill that would designate December as "Christian Heritage Month."

Canada's fire chiefs to press Ottawa for money after worst-ever wildfire season

Fire chiefs from across the country will be in Ottawa this week to warn the federal government that a lack of staff, coordination and equipment will “severely impact” firefighter’s ability to deal with next year’s wildfire season.

What we know so far about Google's $100M media fund

This week, Google struck an agreement with the federal government that will see it pay $100 million in financial support to news outlets across the country. Detailed regulations on how the money will be managed and distributed have not yet been published. Here is what we know so far.

Conservative MP accused of insulting francophones by asking minister to speak English

A Conservative member of Parliament from Alberta was accused of undermining bilingualism and insulting francophone Canadians after she asked a cabinet minister from Quebec to speak in English during an appearance before a parliamentary committee.

Liberals announce legislation to set stage for digital services tax

The Liberal government announced legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for the implementation of a digital services tax, but it contains no date for when the tax will come into effect.

Trudeau offended Israel with call for 'maximum restraint,' says Israeli president

Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offended his country earlier this month when he asked Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” in military operations in Gaza.

Right-wing MAGA politics caused Conservatives to turn backs on Ukraine, Trudeau claims

American-style MAGA politics has caused the Conservative Party of Canada to abandon Ukraine in its hour of need, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.