Peter Zimonjic

Senior Writer

Peter Zimonjic has worked as a reporter and columnist in London, England, for the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph and in Canada for Sun Media and the Ottawa Citizen. He is the Author of Into The Darkness: An Account of 7/7, published by Random House.

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The federal election hasn't started yet — but the parties are in full campaign mode

While the Prime Minister's Office insists that the recent series of government announcements is merely business as usual, the major parties appear to be in full pre-election mode as their leaders fan out across the country to meet voters.

Governor general-designate Mary Simon speaks with the Queen

Governor general-designate Mary Simon spoke with the Queen for the first time Thursday.

Green party takes battle with leader Annamie Paul to court

The Green Party and its associated fund are taking their battle with party leader Annamie Paul to court — ending a tentative truce between Paul and party executives just as a federal election call is expected within weeks.

Federal government sending military to B.C., Manitoba to help tame wildfires

The federal government on Tuesday announced it's sending the Canadian Forces into British Columbia after the province declared a state of emergency in response to wildfires still raging out of control. Manitoba will also receive Forces members following requests for assistance with its own wildfires.

Green leader Annamie Paul calls for unity, asks foes to stand down until after election

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul says that the reprieve from challenges to her leadership may have been put on hold but they are not gone and now is the time for the party, and her detractors, to unify behind her for what could be a fall election. 

Elizabeth May tells Greens to 'pull together' before anticipated fall election

Speaking publicly for the first time about her party’s internal strife, former Green party leader Elizabeth May is urging those who oppose leader Annamie Paul to strike a truce with her allies before a widely anticipated fall election.

Chief of defence staff tells soldiers to 'hold their heads high' after Panjwaii falls to Taliban

Canada's top soldier has written to current and retired soldiers to offer words of support and reflection following the fall of Panjwaii — the district in Afghanistan where so many Canadians fought and died.

Canada to donate almost 18 million surplus AstraZeneca doses to low- and middle-income countries

Canada is donating 17.7 million doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to help inoculate people in low- and middle-income countries, federal ministers announced Monday.

Federal government's move to take Speaker to court raises questions that divide experts

The Liberal government is taking the Speaker of the House of Commons to court to get a judge's confirmation that it has the legal authority to withhold documents requested by members of Parliament sitting on a Commons committee.

Manitoba Chiefs join growing calls for Bennett's resignation after Trudeau defends her

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has joined a growing list of Indigenous groups and politicians calling for the resignation of Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett.