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MPs need to fast-track new law to seize sanctioned Russian assets: senator

Sen. Ratna Omidvar is calling for swift action to pass legislation that would go beyond freezes and actually confiscate Russian assets.

Russia faces severe sanctions if it moves further into Ukraine, says Canada's Joly

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly says Canada will join allies in imposing severe sanctions on Russian officials if the country takes further military action to compromise Ukrainian sovereignty.

Iran snubs another deadline in PS752 crash as families call for action

Iran has snubbed yet another deadline set by Canada and its allies to negotiate a settlement for the families of those killed when its military shot down a passenger jet two years ago.

India pushes renewed trade talks in aftermath of Canada-China tensions

India and Canada have engaged in a series of "consultative meetings" that could form the basis for full-fledged free-trade negotiations, according to the country's high commissioner to Canada.

British envoy seeks Canada's climate change help at UN talks in Glasgow

British high commissioner Susannah Goshko is hoping to enlist Canada's aid at the upcoming COP26 conference, countering criticism that this country's international reputation in the area has weakened.

Canada urged to join allies in tougher China stance after Kovrig, Spavor release

Canada's relationship with China is in question following the release of two Canadians, and some analysts say Ottawa appears ready to take a somewhat tougher stance.

'One of our finer moments:' Pandemic led to massive scramble to get Canadians home

The fever struck Gary Lyon days after he and his wife, Sue, reached their Toronto home early last April, ending what was to have been their 40th wedding anniversary dream vacation.

Trudeau pledges another $75M to COVAX as G7 leaders discuss wider COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The federal government has agreed to top up its funding for vaccine rollouts in lower-income countries, pledging $75 million more to the COVAX international vaccine-sharing program as other wealthy countries step up their commitment.

Canada, Britain slap sanctions on Myanmar officials for abuses in military coup

Canada and Britain have joined forces once again, this time to impose new sanctions on Myanmar after its military toppled its elected government in a coup.

Canada creates coalition with allies to denounce arbitrary detentions amid fight to free Kovrig, Spavor

Canada and a coalition of nearly 60 other countries offered vocal support Monday for a new international declaration denouncing state-sponsored arbitrary detention of foreign nationals for political purposes.