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Personal information about more than 100 military sex misconduct claimants leaked

The company overseeing the federal government's $900-million settlement deal with military members who experienced sexual misconduct in uniform is admitting to more privacy breaches, despite repeated promises to have fixed the problem.

Defence raises prospect of multiple leaks in bureaucrat's breach of trust trial

The prospect of multiple leaks about secret cabinet deliberations in late 2015 about a $700-million shipbuilding deal was raised on Wednesday as a longtime lobbyist testified he did not know the origins of certain information about the meeting.

Bureaucrat tried to undercut cabinet's powers with shipbuilding project leak: Crown

A federal public servant was accused Tuesday of trying to undercut cabinet's decision-making powers by intentionally leaking sensitive documents about a $700-million shipbuilding project.

Federal public servant pleads not guilty as shipbuilding trial begins

A federal public servant accused of leaking cabinet secrets about a shipbuilding project has entered a plea of not guilty in a trial expected to run four weeks.

Canadian military members told Habitat for Humanity is an option amid housing crunch

An email encouraging members of the Canadian Armed Forces to consider contacting Habitat for Humanity if they can't find affordable housing is casting a spotlight on a growing challenge facing military personnel and their families.

Military failing to remove barriers to diversifying ranks: ombudsman

Canada's military ombudsman is joining the chorus of those accusing the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence of having failed to address long-standing barriers to recruiting and retaining more women, visible minorities and Indigenous People.

More privacy breaches in handling of military sexual misconduct settlement deal

The company overseeing the federal government's $900 million settlement deal with military members who experienced sexual misconduct in uniform has admitted to more privacy breaches.

Ukraine war sparks fresh worries about North America's own defences

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is adding new urgency to calls to upgrade and modernize NORAD. Yet despite increasingly urgent warnings from senior military commanders on both sides of the border, many are still waiting for Canada to act.

Personal info about military sex misconduct claimants released in error

The company administering the federal government's $900 million settlement with Armed Forces members and veterans who experienced sexual misconduct says it inadvertently released private information about dozens of claimants.

Latvia hopes Canada will bolster military mission amid tensions with Russia

Latvian officials are asking Canada to extend its military mission in the country, as the small Baltic state warily eyes tensions between Ukraine and Russia.