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Human rights commission acknowledges it has been dismissing racism complaints at a higher rate

The Canadian Human Rights Commission's recent numbers show it has been dismissing racism-based claims at a higher rate than other human rights complaints — but the commission insists it's working to change that.

More than 140 military sexual misconduct investigations could be handed over to civilian police

Roughly 145 cases of sexual misconduct allegations involving Canadian Armed Forces members so far could be transferred to civilian police to investigate.

Departing officials complain Commons clerk was partial to Liberals, fell asleep during question period

House of Commons Clerk Charles Robert is being accused of acting in a partisan fashion that favours the Liberals, along with other allegations that include sleeping in the chamber during question period and presiding over a disrespectful workplace, CBC News has learned.

Conservative MP, friends say they were stunned by murder charges against party volunteer

Conservative MP Mike Lake says he and his team were “shocked” to learn that Rakesh David, a 25-year-old volunteer for his office, has been accused of killing his grandmother, mother and brother in Trinidad and Tobago.

A Muslim former intelligence officer says systemic racism at CSIS is a threat to national security

A Muslim woman who worked as a senior intelligence officer at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said the systemic racism and lack of diversity she experienced firsthand at CSIS constitute a national security threat — especially in light of a recent deadly attack on a Canadian Muslim family.

Trudeau consults Queen on process for picking a new governor general

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau consulted with Queen Elizabeth today about the process for selecting the next governor general of Canada, months after Julie Payette's resignation.

After another attack targeting Muslims, critics demand promised online hate legislation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that online hate may have contributed to the motivations of the man accused of killing members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, over the weekend. That's prompted human rights advocates to criticize his government for failing to meet its promise to deliver legislation to address the problem.

Doctor apologizes for letting a registered sex offender into a retreat for sex assault survivors

The doctor running Project Trauma Support now says she regrets her decision to allow a registered sex offender to peer mentor a group of sexual assault survivors with post traumatic stress disorder under her care.

Trauma retreat for military sex assault survivors used sex offender as 'peer mentor'

Some Canadian Armed Forces veterans and first responders who are sexual assault survivors said they were outraged to learn their peer mentor at a women’s trauma retreat was himself a registered sex offender.

Sexual assault victim's family denounces military brass for supporting attacker during sentencing

A retired former major with Canada's special forces says he felt betrayed after senior military leaders gave positive character references to a soldier found guilty of sexually assaulting his wife — while offering no support to his family.