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First Nations hit more often with CERB repayment letters, government numbers suggest

Number-crunching by The Canadian Press about where CERB repayment letters went suggests a disproportionate number landed in postal codes home to First Nations, including in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Federal budget signals shift to soon let labour groups launch trade challenges

A small change in the Liberals' recent federal budget would allow labour unions to launch trade challenges without the sign-on of an employer.

Rising oil prices may give Liberals extra spending for next Ottawa budget

The federal government is expected to reap significant increases in revenue due to high oil prices, offsetting any new or previously promised spending in an upcoming budget from Ottawa.

Macklem says Bank of Canada needs to raise rates to put a lid on inflation expectations

Canada's top central banker says raising the Bank of Canada's benchmark interest rate may be costly for households, but waiting longer to act would be more costly for the country.

High housing prices may push middle class out of market, PBO warns

The parliamentary budget officer is warning that home ownership has become even less affordable through the pandemic for the average buyer, who may find it even tougher to get into the market unless prices drop.

Latest pandemic aid package set for first test in Commons finance committee

A government bill to implement the latest changes to pandemic supports will face its first finance committee test this week, with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland set to appear before the group of MPs.

Liberals, Conservatives take aim at opposing candidates as campaign hits third week

Liberals and Conservatives took aim at each other's candidates on Monday, questioning past statements and actions to build a character case about why they, and not their opponent, should be trusted to govern after election day.

Finance Department sees issues with Facebook's digital currency, documents show

Internal Finance Department documents show officials have deep concerns about the effect of Facebook's planned digital currency on Canada's financial stability.

A closer look at where $82 billion in CERB payments went at the beginning of the pandemic

Federal data, obtained through the Access to Information Act, provides the most detailed picture yet of where billions of dollars in emergency aid went last year.

LGBTQ businesses, hit hard by COVID-19, look for shifts in federal programs

Alana Fiks, co-owner of Winnipeg's Black Market Provisions, says her business did OK with curbside pickup as COVID-19 case counts rose. But other LGBTQ-owned business have had a rougher ride.