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Supreme Court won't hear case of four Canadian men detained in Syria

The country's top court will not hear the case of four Canadian men held in Syria who argue Ottawa has a legal duty to help them return home.

CSIS head expressed 'full confidence' in employees despite 'troubling' leak on foreign interference

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service told employees he remained confident in their integrity despite a leak to the Globe and Mail that turbocharged a political controversy over Chinese foreign interference in Canadian elections.

Liberals moving ahead on assault-style gun ban with legislation, regulations: LeBlanc

The Liberal government is moving ahead with efforts to keep assault-style firearms out of the hands of Canadians, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc said Monday.

Officials warned Canada-U.S. refugee pact could exacerbate smuggling, dangerous crossings: memo

A newly released memo shows federal officials warned the government that expanding a cross-border pact could lead to intensified smuggling and more dangerous crossings. Officials feared the development would also strain RCMP resources as irregular migrants dispersed more widely across the border.

RCMP tells owners to turn in guns after banned fully automatic model sold in Canada

The RCMP has told owners to turn in what the force is calling fully automatic military surplus firearms after hundreds were misidentified and allowed into Canada for commercial sale.

Accused in secrets case was expected to achieve 'significant outcomes' for RCMP

Evidence presented at the trial of a former RCMP intelligence official charged with breaching Canada's secrets law reveals he led a unit that was expected to work in a complex, high-pressure environment.

Disputed immigration provision requires link to national security, Supreme Court says

The Supreme Court of Canada says a provision of federal immigration law can be used to bar people on security grounds for engaging in violence only when there is a clear connection to national security.

Court orders environment minister to unblock Rebel News founder on X

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault must unblock Rebel News founder Ezra Levant on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, under the terms of a court order.

A new CSIS ad campaign is using Soviet-style imagery to warn Canadians about disinformation

A series of advertising messages from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service released over the last month incorporate imagery traditionally associated with the former Soviet Union.

Report shows Canada's intelligence community worried about Chinese interference — 37 years ago

Canada's intelligence community has long been concerned about interference in national affairs originating from Beijing, a newly released document shows.