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RCMP breached policy on collection of online information: audit

An internal review says the RCMP routinely flouted its own policies when gathering information from the internet, potentially endangering investigations and prosecutions.

CSIS, RCMP modelling new security collaboration efforts on British lessons

Canada's national police and spy agencies, long under pressure to co-operate more effectively on security cases, are developing new ways to work together based on Britain's recent responses to deadly terrorist attacks.

Ford government trampled democracy with mid-election changes, Toronto tells top court

The City of Toronto is telling the Supreme Court of Canada the Ontario government "trampled on" basic democratic norms when it slashed the size of city council during a municipal election.

Spy warrant shortcomings stretch back almost a decade, newly released audit shows

A newly released audit report shows that difficulties with the judicial warrant process at Canada's spy agency — an issue that made headlines last summer — stretch back at least nine years.

Judge denies CSIS request to collect foreign intelligence

A court has put the brakes on a Canadian Security Intelligence Service request to collect foreign information, ruling a proposed technique would stray beyond the spy service's legal mandate.

Trudeau government considers legislative changes to make public service more diverse

The Trudeau Liberals are eyeing changes to the law governing public service hiring to help make federal departments and agencies more diverse.

Suspected RCMP secrecy breach fallout upgraded to 'severe,' according to documents

New documents show Canada's cyberspy agency was so alarmed by the potential fallout from an alleged secrecy breach by a senior RCMP employee that it revised a damage assessment to "severe" from "high" in the days after his arrest.

Senator urges study of barriers to using secret information in court cases

A Senate committee should examine the hurdles that make it difficult to use secret intelligence in Canada's courts, says the government representative in the upper chamber.

Canada's spy-catching system caused delay, anxiety in Delisle case: former FBI official

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's former head of counter-intelligence says it fell to him to tell the RCMP about a spy in the Canadian navy, even though the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was already well aware of Jeffrey Delisle's sale of sensitive secrets to the Russians.

Liberals 'completely unwilling' to hold political parties to account on privacy, expert says

A leading expert on personal information law says the Trudeau government is unwilling to hold political parties to the same level of accountability it is demanding of other organizations in its current revamp of the federal privacy regime.