Greg Weston

Greg Weston was an investigative reporter for CBC News and a regular political commentator on CBC Radio and Television from 2010 to 2015.

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CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents

Canada's international spy agency, CSEC, tapped into the free Wi-Fi service at a major Canadian airport to track the comings and goings of cellphone-carrying travellers for two weeks, according to documents obtained by CBC News. It was apparently part of a trial run to see how wide an electronic net could be cast.

FINTRAC collecting too much info on innocent Canadians

Canada's privacy commissioner says the government agency tasked with keeping tabs on money laundering and terrorist financing continues to accept and retain personal information on Canadians not relevant to its mandate. It is the second time Jennifer Stoddart has taken FINTRAC to task.

Inside Canada's top-secret billion-dollar spy palace

While the Harper government is preaching government austerity, it is spending almost $1.2 billion on a new Ottawa headquarters for a little-known military spy agency. It's the most expensive Canadian government building ever constructed, and CBC News has an exclusive look.

Fake parts in Hercules aircraft called a genuine risk

Despite repeated government denials, CBC News has confirmed that some of Canada's new Hercules military transport planes have counterfeit Chinese parts in their cockpits that could leave pilots with blank instrument panels in mid-flight.

Greg Weston: Harper draws a line in the oilsands, for now

The Harper government's long hand-wringing over the proposed Chinese takeover of one of Canada's top 10 energy corporations in the Alberta oilsands was never really about rejecting or approving the $15.4-billion deal.

Federal workers' buyouts could reach $2B

The Harper government's plan to slash an estimated 30,000 public service jobs over three years includes hefty golden handshakes that could leave some federal workers laughing all the way to the bank, CBC News has learned.

Canada may buy nuclear submarines

The federal government is considering mothballing some or all of its four British-made diesel-powered submarines and buying nuclear subs to replace them, CBC News has learned.

WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks

As Jean Chrétien was announcing in 2003 that Canada wouldn't join the invasion of Iraq, Canadian diplomats were secretly telling their U.S. counterparts something entirely different, a secret document reveals.

Foreign hackers attack Canadian government

An unprecedented cyberattack on the Canadian government also targeted Defence Research and Development Canada, making it the third key department compromised by hackers, CBC News has learned.

Canada's embassy spending soars

Federal spending on Canadian embassy properties and diplomatic residences abroad has soared 430 per cent since Stephen Harper's Conservative government came to power on a promise to rein in the diplomatic decorators.