Greg Weston

Greg Weston was an investigative reporter for CBC News and a regular political commentator on CBC Radio and Television from 2010 to 2015.

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Thomas Mulcair and the black hole of party accountability

The NDP is not the only federal party to feel it can do what it wants with its taxpayer-subsidized donations. Maybe that should change?

If Supreme Court nixes Senate reform, is referendum next?

Unless the Supreme Court is in a mood to deliver shock and awe on Friday, history and a legion of experts suggest the noble cause of Senate reform will probably continue down the same long, futile road that has challenged its proponents almost since Confederation.

Jim Flaherty’s personal touch was a rarity on Parliament Hill: Greg Weston

Jim Flaherty was promising improvements to a federal disability savings plan that helps parents of special needs children when he welled up with tears and then openly sobbed. "The politician lost to the parent on that one," he later told a friend. Thursday, it was his critics' turn to cry.

Joe Oliver's replacement of Jim Flaherty reassures Bay Street: Greg Weston

In tapping Joe Oliver to replace retiring Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the prime minister has apparently opted for public confidence over personal charisma, Greg Weston writes.

CSEC exoneration a 'mockery of public accountability'

A federal watchdog is attracting howls of protest from some privacy and internet experts after absolving Canada’s electronic spy agency of using data from a Canadian airport internet service to track thousands of passengers for days after they left the terminal.

Conservative budget a political road map to next election

The timing of Tuesday’s federal budget in the midst of Olympic-mania was a good clue the Harper government had either something to hide or nothing much to say in its latest economic plan for the country.

CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents

Canada's international spy agency, CSEC, tapped into the free Wi-Fi service at a major Canadian airport to track the comings and goings of cellphone-carrying travellers for two weeks, according to documents obtained by CBC News. It was apparently part of a trial run to see how wide an electronic net could be cast.

Other spy watchdogs have ties to oil business

While the head of the watchdog committee overseeing Canada’s intelligence agency is under attack for also being a lobbyist for the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, it turns out that half of the other Harper government appointees keeping an eye on the spies also have ties to the oil business.

Is 'a walk in the snow' in Stephen Harper's future?

With the Senate scandal and other problems, this past year has been among the worst for Stephen Harper and his Conservative government, and the year ahead isn't looking any brighter, Greg Weston writes.

Snowden document shows Canada set up spy posts for NSA

A top secret document retrieved by American whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals Canada has set up covert spying posts around the world and conducted espionage against trading partners at the request of the U.S. National Security Agency.