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David McKie is a journalist and producer with Power & Politics in the CBC's Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa.

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The Implant Files

'We're guinea pigs': Canada's oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients

Millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices in order to function — to do everything from walk without pain to pump blood through their veins. But a new CBC investigation reveals some devices are approved with scant scientific evidence to show they are safe and effective.

Higher wages in Mexico's auto sector are a long way off: ambassador

Mexico's ambassador to Canada says the drive for higher wages for auto workers in the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations is aimed at an "aspirational" goal — one that won’t happen soon.

Federal privacy watchdog joins U.K. and B.C. counterparts in probe of possible Brexit tampering

Canada's federal privacy commissioner is joining privacy watchdogs from B.C. and the U.K. in an investigation to determine whether Canadian privacy laws were violated in order to sway the Brexit vote.

Local black Canadians face 'systemic barriers' to senior-level jobs, critics say

The population of black Canadians in Ottawa-Gatineau has almost doubled over 10 years — but systemic barriers to achieving senior roles in public service and business still persist.

Couple caught in Phoenix fiasco gets action from Ottawa after speaking to CBC

A couple interviewed by CBC NewsNetwork's Power & Politics about their struggles with the error-plagued Phoenix pay system have since been told that they're getting their back pay before the spring is out.

Government bolsters staff dealing with Phoenix ATIPs

The federal government has had to hire extra workers to deal with the mounting number of access to information requests from public servants desperate for information about their own pay records.

Phoenix pay system issues making it impossible to track hiring of veterans in public service

Problems with the federal government’s Phoenix pay system are making it impossible for a program designed to facilitate the integration of veterans in the federal public service to collect hiring statistics.

Canadian Army introduces new fitness test requirement for soldiers being deployed abroad

The Canadian Forces have adopted a new training regime for all members of the Canadian Army being deployed overseas that better reflects the kind of equipment, landscape and warfare they are likely to encounter.

Public works introduces government's 1st transgender workplace guide

One of the largest federal government departments has become the first federal institution in Canada to draft a workplace guide to accommodate transgender employees.

Many Indigenous families not applying for Canada child benefit: documents

Many Indigenous families on reserves and in the North have not been applying for the Canada child benefit because they are either unaware of the program or they are not filing their income taxes — a requirement for eligibility.