Catherine Cullen

Senior reporter

Catherine Cullen is host of CBC Radio's The House and a senior reporter on Parliament Hill.

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Poilievre not saying whether he'll support ban on medical interventions for trans minors

Conservative Party members may have voted clearly in favour of banning medical interventions for transgender youth, but party leader Pierre Poilievre still isn’t saying whether he thinks the policy should become law.

Leslyn Lewis claims WHO pandemic pact a step toward 'global government'

Conservative leadership hopeful Leslyn Lewis claims an international pandemic treaty could lead to the suspension of the Constitution and a global government. The experts say she's got it all wrong.

Poilievre says schools should leave LGBTQ issues to parents

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre says schools should stick to teaching the basics and leave conversations about LGBTQ issues to parents.

After three years, Peter MacKay says he's finally paid off $1.7 M in leadership debts

It took the better part of three years, multiple fundraising events and help from former prime ministers — and at least one country singer — but Peter MacKay says he has finally paid off the $1.7 million in debt his campaign incurred in the 2020 Conservative leadership race.

Canada forcing Northern communities to 'go back in time,' warns NWT premier

While many in the Arctic can no longer afford to feed themselves and others leave the North altogether, some federal cabinet ministers are only pretending to listen to the concerns of Northern Canadians, the premier of the Northwest Territories told CBC's The House in an interview.

U.S., Canada open to a 'NORAD-like' model of joint disaster response: Blair

As Canada grapples with hundreds of wildfires burning across the country, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair says the federal government is looking for ways to deepen its co-operation with the United States on disaster response.

Poilievre declined meeting with Johnston on foreign interference

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has declined to meet with the government's special rapporteur on foreign interference. Poilievre's office said the role amounts to a "fake job" and questioned the rapporteur's independence.

Conservative commentator Jamil Jivani to run to replace Erin O'Toole

Jamil Jivani, a conservative commentator, is making the leap to electoral politics, in a bid to win a seat soon to be vacated by former CPC leader Erin O'Toole.

Greens question decision to send more 'offensive' weapons to Ukraine

The Green Party says Canada should consider restricting the types of weapons it sends to Ukraine and should press for a negotiated peace between Russia and Ukraine.

'Daily miracles' keeping justice system going, Quebec chief justice warns

The chief justice of the Quebec Superior Court says it is making extraordinary efforts to deal with challenges facing the legal system — and her province isn't the only one facing such struggles.