Catherine Cullen

Senior reporter

Catherine Cullen covers Parliament Hill for CBC News in Ottawa. She writes frequently about the Conservative Party. She has also worked in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Latest from Catherine Cullen

Poilievre, Lewis officially out of third Conservative debate

Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis, two of the most prominent contenders for the Conservative leadership, won’t be taking part in the party’s final official debate.

Conservative whistleblower says she discussed 3rd-party payment with Patrick Brown

A woman identifying herself as the whistleblower in the Patrick Brown campaign says she personally discussed with the Conservative leadership candidate an arrangement for her to be paid by a private company, and that he approved. 

Patrick Brown disqualified from Conservative leadership race

With two months to go before the Conservative Party chooses its next leader, Patrick Brown has been ejected from the race over allegations he broke financing rules.

Following Poilievre's attacks, Bank of Canada official says it's 'accountable' for failure to check inflation

The deputy governor of the Bank of Canada said Thursday the institution has been unable to keep inflation at its target and should be "held accountable."

Legal experts accuse Leslyn Lewis of 'fearmongering' over WHO pandemic pact 

Conservative leadership hopeful Leslyn Lewis claims an international pandemic treaty could lead to the suspension of the Constitution and a global government. The experts say she's got it all wrong.

Ed Fast says Poilievre supporters tried to 'muzzle' him on monetary policy

Ed Fast says he resigned as the Conservatives' finance critic after MPs supporting Pierre Poilievre tried to "muzzle" him from speaking out about monetary policy — particularly on issues such as cryptocurrency and the Bank of Canada.

Conservatives condemn racist conspiracy theory, attack each other over Buffalo shooting

Leadership candidates and the interim leader of the Conservative Party are condemning the racist "white replacement theory" that's believed to have inspired the alleged killer in Saturday's Buffalo, N.Y. mass shooting — but there's discord in the party about how that condemnation came about.

Preston Manning warns Conservative campaigns that personal attacks could 'poison' the party

Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning is urging Conservative leadership contenders to lay off their personal attacks on each other, arguing they risk damaging the party's image with voters.

Poilievre's campaign hires team behind Canada Proud to boost his messages online

Pierre Poilievre may be known for his social media savvy, but his campaign is getting some help from a conservative meme machine.

Poilievre, Charest call for more pipelines while insisting they can cut emissions

Two of the main players in the Conservative leadership race have pitched plans to approve more Canadian energy products while backing away from the Liberals' strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.