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Catharine Tunney is a reporter with CBC's Parliament Hill bureau, where she covers national security and the RCMP. She worked previously for CBC in Nova Scotia. You can reach her at

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CSIS officially directed to share more information with Parliamentarians under threat

The federal government has ordered the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to share more information directly with Parliamentarians under threat, and to create a direct line to the minister of public safety — changes that come in response to questions about who in Ottawa knew China was targeting the family of a Canadian MP.

Mendicino calls out CSIS as Trudeau refuses to clear up confusion over Chong case

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he shared the "best information" he had when he told Canadians a report about a Chinese government plot to target MPs was never shared outside of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, despite information to the contrary.

Chong says CSIS report on China targeting MPs was sent to PM's adviser

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly says her government has summoned China's ambassador and is assessing the likely consequences of expelling a Chinese diplomat accused of helping to target Conservative MP Michael Chong's family.

Trudeau says he's told CSIS to share more intel following report China sought to target MP Chong's family

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has told Canada's spy agency it needs to share more information about threats to MPs  while being adamant that he only learned of reports that the Chinese government was targeting a Conservative MP and his family this week.

Former Trudeau Foundation head says engaging with Chinese officials was 'naïve'

Morris Rosenberg, the former president and CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, says in retrospect the embattled charity was naïve to think it would have "soft power" over China when it accepted money in 2016 with ties to the Chinese government.

RCMP's recruitment plight could threaten its ability to do its job, advisory board warns

The RCMP's recruitment situation can be described accurately as a crisis, says the force's independent advisory board — one that could threaten its ability to serve as Canada's national police force.

Intelligence watchdog questions cyber agency's approach to international law, CSE insists it was above board

One of Canada's intelligence watchdogs has scolded the country's cyber security agency over its approach to international law.

Conservative MP accuses minister of taking 'no meaningful action' on Chinese 'police stations'

Conservative MP Michael Cooper and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino faced off Thursday over the government's response to so-called Chinese police stations operating on Canadian soil. But MPs on the parliamentary committee investigating allegations of foreign interference did not ask the head of Canada's spy agency a single question about Beijing's meddling in Canadian affairs.

Former Conservative campaign director urges MPs to protect the next election from foreign meddling

The Conservatives' national campaign director for the 2021 federal election urged MPs on Tuesday to amend legislation to put Canada in a better position to combat attempts at foreign interference in elections. 

CSIS warned MPs, senators that hostile states might listen in on their conversations

Canada's intelligence agency warned MPs and senators ahead of the 2021 election that their public conversations probably would be monitored by foreign states and that threat actors could target their staff, according to recently obtained documents.