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Photos reveal decrepit state of former RCMP training centre

It took an investigation by the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada and a 17-month wait to get the RCMP to release photos of a contaminated building it used as a training centre for about 20 years.

Federal government settles lawsuit with Canada's former ambassador to Israel

A lawsuit launched against the Trudeau government by the former ambassador to Israel has reached a settlement — but neither party is willing to divulge any details.

CBSA to begin tracking family separation

Weeks after Radio-Canada told the story of an asylum seeker who was separated from his two children after crossing the Canada-U.S. border, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) says it will monitor the practice.

Children, parents separated on arrival despite CBSA directive

Advocacy group Action réfugiés Montréal says last year alone, 182 children were separated from their families after seeking asylum in Canada, despite a Canada Border Services Agency directive forbidding the practice. This is the story of one of those families.
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Immigration detention centres emptied over fear of possible COVID-19 outbreaks

The pandemic has led Canada's immigration authorities to release most of the people who were being detained.

Deadly day, lasting impact

For some of the Parliament Hill security guards on duty the day a gunman killed a soldier and stormed Centre Block, the trauma of that day six years ago haunts them still.

Why some of Canada's richest millennials want to pay more taxes

Many people wish for lower tax bills and more money in their bank accounts. But a group of young, rich Canadians want the federal government to tax them more.

Couple arrives on repatriation flight from Peru after weeks of uncertainty

A Canadian woman and her Peruvian husband successfully boarded a Canadian repatriation flight out of Peru and landed in Toronto Friday night, after bureaucratic confusion left the couple worried they would be stranded abroad for the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Couple's attempt to return from Peru in limbo despite family exemption announced by PM

For Canadian Elise Craig and her Peruvian husband Joseph Ruiz Cordova, it has become a race against time to come to Canada on the last repatriation flight facilitated by the federal government. With just days to go before that scheduled flight, the couple stranded in Peru is still pressing for the necessary paperwork to be permitted to board.

Internal documents show CBSA scenarios to decide who gets across the border — and who doesn't

Several Canadian families have told CBC News of the heartbreak they have experienced being separated due to travel restrictions because of COVID-19 at the Canada-U.S. border.