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Brennan MacDonald is a producer for CBC's national television program Power & Politics.

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286K sign e-petition urging Trudeau to demand immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

An online petition urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to demand an immediate ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas closed Thursday with a record-setting 286,719 signatures — the most of any parliamentary e-petition since they began in 2015.

Hamas determined to maximize Israeli and Palestinian deaths, Poilievre says

Asked if Israel should be doing more to protect the innocent caught in the path of its military operation in Gaza, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said the Hamas "death cult" is the one maximizing the suffering of Israelis and Palestinians.

Conservative premiers ask for meeting with PM on carbon tax carve-outs

The premiers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta are asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a meeting to discuss their call for the federal government to remove the federal carbon tax on all forms of home heating.

Blinken again urges India to co-operate as Canada probes killing of pro-Khalistan activist

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is repeating his call for the government of India to cooperate with Canada on the ongoing criminal investigation of the killing of a Canadian pro-Khalistan activist in B.C.

Senators accused of shutting down debate on carbon tax carve-out bill

Conservative senators were outraged Thursday when debate on a carbon tax carve-out bill for farmers was suddenly adjourned in the Senate, delaying a final vote on the private members bill until at least Nov. 21.

MPs to study $300M Liberal government paid to now-shuttered COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer

MPs on the House of Commons health committee voted Wednesday to launch a study into the more than $300 million the Liberal government paid to a now-shuttered Quebec-based pharmaceutical company whose COVID-19 vaccine never made it to market.

Majority of Canadians support a pause in hostilities in Israel-Hamas war, polls suggest

Calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war are growing louder on Parliament Hill as new polls suggest a majority of Canadians support either a full ceasefire or a temporary cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

Ottawa has been told Canadians trapped in Gaza will be allowed to leave starting Sunday: source

The Canadian government has received assurances there will be windows to evacuate Canadian nationals from Gaza through the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, a government source told Radio-Canada.

NDP should have pushed for a shorter supply and confidence deal with the Liberals, Broadbent says

Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent tells Rosemary Barton he thinks the NDP's supply and confidence agreement with the Liberal government should be a year shorter. The social democratic stalwart also reflects on his role in negotiating the failed 2008 Liberal-NDP coalition agreement.

Canada has relocated some diplomatic staff out of India: sources

New Delhi has given Canada until October 10 to to reduce its complement of diplomats in India by about 40 people, sources tell CBC News. The government of India is threatening to revoke the diplomatic immunity of additional staff who have not left the country if Canada fails to meet that deadline.