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Brennan MacDonald is an associate producer for CBC's national television program Power & Politics.

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Estonian PM urges Canada to hit NATO's defence spending target

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is urging Canada to increase defence spending to 2 per cent of GDP in response to Russia's war on Ukraine. Canada is currently spending 1.39 per cent of its GDP on defence.

Ukraine's former president calls for NATO no-fly zone, says country is 'fighting for Canada'

Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is pleading with Canada and its NATO allies to enforce a no-fly zone above his country as the Russian military intensifies its aerial bombardment.

Trading relationship with U.S. unaffected by border blockades, says U.S. ambassador

The United States' ambassador to Canada says the trading relationship between the two countries remains strong and was not damaged by the recent run of blockades that hampered the movement of goods along the Canada-U.S. border.

Engage the Taliban, says Pakistan's envoy to Canada, while denying role in Afghanistan's fall

Many observers allege the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan would not have been possible without support from Pakistan's intelligence agency. Pakistan's High Commissioner-designate to Canada calls that allegation 'misinformation.'

New report finds broad support among Canadians for increasing mandatory contributions to WHO

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study reveals broad support among Canadians for an increase in annual mandatory funding for the World Health Organization to build up global health infrastructure.

Canada condemns Iran after kidnapping plot alleged in U.S. indictment

The Canadian government said it "firmly condemns Iran for its pattern of intimidation and foreign interference" after U.S. authorities charged four men in an alleged Iranian plot to lure five individuals — including three who reside in Canada — to Iran.

Haiti needs international support to investigate president's assassination: Michaëlle Jean

Former governor general Michaëlle Jean, who was born in Haiti, says the inquiry into the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse will require international support because the Caribbean country's national police service has been infiltrated by criminal organizations.

China applauds Canadian senators who voted against genocide motion as 'people of vision'

China's foreign ministry is praising Canadian senators who voted down a motion to label the Chinese government's treatment of Uyghurs as genocide — calling them "people of vision" who see through "the despicable schemes of a few anti-China forces."

Indigenous leaders have no 'guarantee' Pope will apologize for residential schools: Bellegarde

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Bellegarde said today that while there are no "guarantees," he and other Indigenous leaders are hoping Pope Francis agrees to come to Canada to issue a public apology for the Roman Catholic Church's role in Canada's residential schools after they meet with him at the Vatican in December.

Senators decline to label China's treatment of Uyghurs a genocide

A motion brought forward by Sen. Leo Housakos that called on the Senate to recognize that a genocide is being carried out by the Chinese government against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims was defeated in a vote Tuesday evening.