Alison Crawford


Alison Crawford is a senior reporter in CBC's parliamentary bureau, covering justice, public safety, the Supreme Court and Liberal Party of Canada.

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RCMP to review 25,000 more sexual assault cases

After an examination of 2,225 files from 2016 where investigators had concluded the complainant's allegations were unfounded, the RCMP is committing to review all cases since 2015 where no charges were laid. That's roughly 25,000 more files.

Americans revoking travel visas from visitors who plan to claim asylum in Canada

American authorities say an ongoing operation along its northern border has led them to revoke U.S.-issued travel visas of thousands of people, most of whom were headed to Canada to claim asylum.

Interviews underway for next RCMP commissioner

The federal government has whittled down the list of people it's considering for the position of RCMP commissioner. Its newly announced selection committee provides clues about what it wants in the new leader of the national police force.

Canada's top cop said it would be 'reckless' to keep using federal government's IT service

Among his last moves as RCMP commissioner, Bob Paulson told the head of the federal government's tech support agency it would be reckless and "arguably criminal" for him to permit Shared Services Canada to continue delivering some IT services.

Keep a 'wary eye' on U.S. travel visas, Goodale tells American counterpart

Canada's Public Safety Minister says he's asked his American counterpart to monitor those obtaining U.S. travel visas for the sole purpose of crossing the Canadian border.

Airport security stops calling police on passengers carrying prescription pot

Canadian airport security screeners have stopped calling the police every time they process a passenger travelling with medical marijuana. CATSA changed its policy this month after an exponential growth in the number of passengers with prescription pot in their carry-on luggage.

Government removing hurdles to missing persons DNA data bank

The government has proposed amendments to the DNA Identification Act to permit the national police force to set up new indices for missing persons, relatives of missing persons and human remains.

'How many more lives do we have to lose?': MP urges Senate to pass PTSD bill after Mountie's death

After learning of yet another Mountie's suicide, a Conservative MP issued an emotional plea to senators this week to quickly pass his private member's bill that would establish a national strategy to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Government hears support for making it easier, cheaper to obtain a criminal pardon

Respondents to a federal government consultation on criminal record suspensions were overwhelmingly in favour of giving automatic pardons for some crimes, and wiping the records clean for those whose crimes were minor or no longer illegal.

Deradicalization must be tailored to Canadian cities, says expert

Radicalization of young Canadians is a often a local problem that requires programs tailored to specific cities, towns or even neighbourhoods. That's among the preliminary findings of a Canadian centre for prevention of violence, created in 2016.