Aaron Wherry

Senior writer

Aaron Wherry has covered Parliament Hill since 2007 and has written for Maclean's, the National Post and the Globe and Mail. He is the author of Promise & Peril, a book about Justin Trudeau's years in power.

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To understand Ottawa's use of the Emergencies Act, we need to know what cabinet knew

Attempts to follow the threads that led to the federal government's historic invocation of the Emergencies Act in February already have come upon a knot — the question of who, if anyone, provided the advice that led the government to declare an emergency.

With Kenney's exit, the 'resistance' era is over — but something louder might follow

In 2018, Maclean’s put five Conservative leaders on its cover and billed them as “the resistance." The demise of this political effort to push back on Trudeau government policies tells us a lot about the politics of the last few years — but it might also set the stage for a new and fiercer kind of resistance.

Constitutional monarchy serves us well — but its figureheads have a serious image problem

The monarchy underpins a system of government that has served this country very well. But the trappings of royalty complicate any defence of the institution.

Televised election debates are important — but they could be better

The communal exercise of a credible and nationally televised debate likely has real value. But for the purposes of staging a good debate, we might benefit from fewer props and interveners and more room for conversation between the people who would lead the country at this pivotal time.

Conservatives have big things to fight about — whether they want to or not

Hanging over this leadership race are fairly profound questions about what the Conservative party should be — what it should stand for and how it should comport itself.

Conservatives are in a mood to fight — with each other

Twenty minutes into Thursday’s debate between five of the six candidates for the Conservative party leadership, Scott Aitchison appealed for calm. But Conservatives might not be interested in being calm and measured right now.

The fate of Roe v. Wade puts both Liberals and Conservatives on the spot

Even if no major federal party is officially in favour of criminalizing abortion, the practical and political realities of abortion in Canada are more complicated than a simple question of whether the debate needs to be “reopened.”

The Liberals and Conservatives are sparring over Parliament's most precious resource: time

The government and opposition are debating how much time is needed for debate in the House of Commons. Maybe the answer is MPs spending more time in Ottawa.

Poilievre seems to be tearing a page from Trudeau's 'middle class' agenda

Justin Trudeau built a campaign around a slogan of “real change,” promising to do more to deal with the insecurities felt by the “middle class and those working hard to join it.” Pierre Poilievre is building a campaign around “freedom” that starts with a focus on the financial frustrations felt by many of the same people.

Some Conservatives are condemning a 'truck tax' that doesn't exist

The 'truck tax' that has been a centrepiece of Conservative Party of Canada fundraising in recent days would be a perfect political prop but for one thing — it's not a government policy.