Aaron Wherry

Senior writer

Aaron Wherry has covered Parliament Hill since 2007 and has written for Maclean's, the National Post and the Globe and Mail. He is the author of Promise & Peril, a book about Justin Trudeau's years in power.

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Being Speaker isn't easy — and it just got a lot harder

The address to a joint session of the House of Commons and Senate last week by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was among the most solemn and poignant moments in the history of Parliament. Everything since then has been anything but.

The Speaker isn't supposed to be a problem — and that's a big problem for Anthony Rota

Rota’s mistake was not only hurtful and embarrassing, it was highly public — and it handed a propaganda victory to the Russian regime. That explains why Rota sounded so stricken when he addressed the House on Monday. And it also explains why Rota's speakership is hanging by a thread.

A messy world once again intrudes on Canada's tidy partisan debates

One of the more remarkable aspects of Canada's diplomatic brawl with India over the killing of a Canadian Sikh activist is how rarely it gets mentioned by our politicians. We tend to give scant attention to foreign affairs in this country — a luxury we may no longer be able to afford.

Will voter fatigue and inflation be Trudeau's undoing?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has governed through Donald Trump and COVID-19. He has survived his share of self-inflicted controversies and low points. But as the Liberal caucus gathered this week, it was fair to wonder whether their hero had finally met an obstacle he could not overcome.

Trudeau announces new measures to deal with housing, grocery prices

Faced with increasing pressure to respond to widespread concerns about the cost of living and questions about his leadership, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a series of new measures Thursday meant to deal with rising housing and grocery prices.

If Trudeau wants to fix housing, London is a good place to start

Set against the need for 3.5 million new homes, Wednesday's announcement in London, Ont., might not seem like much. But it's a start. And the Liberals desperately need to show that they are at least starting to solve the problem.

Behind closed doors, Liberal MPs have 'robust' discussion about government's challenges

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in attendance, Liberal MPs had what sources describe as a blunt and frank discussion about the government's current political trajectory at their caucus retreat in London, Ont., on Wednesday. 

The strengths and limits of Pierre Poilievre's 'common sense'

If an election were held tomorrow, polls suggest Pierre Poilievre would defeat Justin Trudeau and become the 24th prime minister of Canada. And if an election were to happen tomorrow, the Conservative leader says the choice would be quite straightforward.

Foreign interference is a serious threat — and it's finally getting a serious response

In hindsight, it's obvious the Liberals could have saved themselves, and the country, a great deal of time and trouble by launching an inquiry very soon after the first intelligence leaks and allegations appeared in media reports.

Security concerns might finally solve the 24 Sussex conundrum

Tuesday’s report by Radio-Canada’s Daniel Leblanc raises a matter that ought to be beyond partisanship — the need to keep the prime minister and his or her family safe.