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The longer road to balance: Parties in no rush to eliminate budgetary deficits

Canada's election campaign is barely underway and, fiscally speaking, it's already unlike any in recent history: none of the major political parties is promising to balance the government's books in the next four years.

Conservatives, if elected, would work to restore ties with Saudi Arabia

A Conservative government, if elected this fall, would work to fix Canada's relationship with Saudi Arabia by trying to build back rapport with the kingdom in areas that it considers of mutual interest.

Via Rail's case for major project better without Montreal-Quebec leg: internal doc

Via Rail is looking for financial support to build dedicated rail lines that would increase the frequency of trips, cut travel times and ensure its trains will no longer have to work around freight schedules on borrowed tracks.

Canada to invest in satellite technology to connect rural, remote areas

The federal government is making a big funding announcement Wednesday alongside a Canadian company that's developing satellite technology to expand high-speed Internet access in rural and remote regions.

Is quest for Canadian oil independence more political pitch than economics?

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he wants to end Canadian imports of foreign oil by 2030, a move experts say would mostly affect purchases from the United States and could endanger deep trade relationships.

Mark Warawa bids emotional farewell to MPs, calls for more access to palliative care

Conservative MP Mark Warawa used his emotional farewell address to the House of Commons on Tuesday to call for changes that will ensure more Canadians have access to palliative care.

False vaccine claims spread online by bots, trolls: top public-health doc

Canada's chief public health officer says the fight against vaccine-related misinformation on social media is being further complicated by the emergence of online bots designed to sow mistrust.

Federal government still on pace for $15B deficit despite surplus through most of 2018-19

The Trudeau government says it remains on track to post a budgetary shortfall of about $15 billion in 2018-19 even though a new estimate says the federal books ran a $3.1-billion surplus through the first 11 months of the fiscal year.

Big pharma might cut research, delay new drugs if pharmacare means more generics: memo

Brand-name drug companies could put off introducing new medicine in Canada and scale back research here if the country makes a major shift to cheaper generic alternatives under a national pharmacare plan, according to an internal federal analysis.

Canola exporters can't easily find alternatives to China, Richardson International exec says

A third Canadian canola exporter has received a non-compliance notice from China over quality concerns, the federal agriculture minister said Tuesday, the latest development in an escalating feud with the Asian country.

Drive to ratify new North American trade deal gets lift from U.S. TV exposure

The push for the speedy passage of the new NAFTA is getting a boost from a big advertising campaign in the United States.

SNC-Lavalin pushed Liberals for 'zero debarment' from federal contracts

​SNC-Lavalin, facing a 10-year ban from federal business over corruption charges, urged the Liberal government in 2017 to water down the penalty scheme for corporate misconduct to the point a guilty company could completely dodge a ban on receiving public contracts.

SNC-Lavalin lawyers rushed to prosecutors before MPs knew of proposed law change

Representatives for SNC-Lavalin hustled to connect with federal prosecutors after the Liberal government quietly introduced a proposal last year to allow corporations to strike settlement deals and avoid criminal prosecution, court documents show.

Ottawa pledges $40M for Nokia to conduct 5G research

Ottawa will announce up to $40 million for Finnish telecom giant Nokia on Thursday to conduct research on 5G wireless technology in Canada.

Former Liberal minister accuses China of using 'hostage diplomacy'

A former Liberal justice minister accused China of using "hostage diplomacy" because of its death penalty sentence of one Canadian man, the imprisonment of two more and the harassment of a Montreal woman and her infant daughter in Beijing.