Advance poll turnout over 3 days up 16% from 2011

Around 2.4 million Canadians have voted so far in advance polls, representing a 16 per cent increase over the three advance polling days in the 2011 federal election, says Elections Canada.

Elections Canada says voter turnout has exceeded expectations

Elections Canada estimates that 850,000 voters cast ballots on Friday, 780,000 on Saturday and 767,000 on Sunday in advance polls. Monday is the final day of advance polls. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

Around 2.4 million Canadians have voted so far in advance polls, representing a 16 per cent increase over the three advance polling days in the 2011 federal election, says Elections Canada.

The agency estimates that 850,000 voters cast ballots on Friday, 780,000 people voted on Saturday and 767,000 on Sunday, an increase of nearly 400,000 votes compared with 2011. 

Monday is the final day to vote at advance polls.

Elections Canada said that the number of people who came out to vote has exceeded expectations. There were complaints about long lineups at polling stations on Friday and Saturday.

James Hale, a spokesman for Elections Canada, said there were 4,950 advance polling stations this year. He said that on Oct. 19, there will be "fast lanes" established at polling places for electors who are registered, have the requisite pieces of identification and their voter information card (with the number of their polling division on it).

"If you arrive at the polling station with everything in order, officials will stream you into this 'fast lane,'" he said.

The CBC's Adrienne Arsenault explains what you need to vote in the federal election on Oct. 19. As a rule of thumb: you need a document that shows your current address. 1:30


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