18 countries under Canadian sanctions

Syria is only the latest country to run afoul of Canadian foreign policy: 17 others are all current targets of Canadian sanctions.

Syria is only the latest country to run afoul of Canadian foreign policy

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird speaks to reporters in Ottawa on August 18. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recently extended Canada's economic sanctions against Syria. Canada also recently enacted new sanctions against North Korea.

Syria and North Korea are among 18 countries currently facing economic restrictions. 

Here's a current list of countries subject to Canadian sanctions, with links to the rationale and details of the particular sanctions imposed from the website of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada:

In addition to these countries, Canada also participates in a sanctions regime in accordance with the United Nations Act to help stop terrorist organizations from operating internationally.

The UN maintains a special list of individuals, entities and organizations affiliated with the al-Qaeda terrorist network who face strict sanctions based on their documented terrorist activities.

Canada also maintains its own list of banned terrorist entities, including al-Qaeda, that are subject to specific Canadian restrictions, including a freeze on their assets and a ban on all fundraising activities.