13 voices in reaction to the 2012 budget

Here is a roundup of what people and groups had to say about the 2012 budget.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tables the 2012 budget in the House of Commons Thursday. (Canadian Press)

Here's a roundup of what some people had to say about the 2012 budget:

  • "The investments in [First Nation] education in today's budget indicate that the voices of our youth are perhaps beginning to be heard but we must do more. We will be relentless in our efforts to ensure sustainable and secure funding for education." — Shawn Atleo, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations
  • "The main concern is the absence of any kind of vision about transforming health care in Canada, there really is nothing ... We have no national pharmaceutical strategy and there was nothing in the budget about this."  — Dr. John Haggie, Canadian Medical Association president
  • "We are in the year 2012 and we are precariously close to the point of no return and the climate crisis. This budget doesn't mention the words climate change ... This is a budget for people who are so out of touch with reality they are not fit to govern." — Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
  • "I think there's a lot of good things in it. We had a priority list of 12 items and eight of them were addressed so that's not a terribly bad batting average." — Catherine Swift, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • "We think that people who voted for this government expected to see more control over spending, a stronger line on reducing spending and reducing the size of government and it's kind of disappointing that they haven't delivered on that."  — Gregory Thomas, federal director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • "In this budget there is no relief for students ... the government has kept on the track of inaction." — Roxanne Dubois, Canadian Federation of Students
  • "The federal budget contains cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada that will impact the provision of services and programs to veterans and their families ... These moves are unacceptable to the Royal Canadian Legion membership and we believe to most Canadians." — Patricia Varga, Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion
  • "The government still has a lot of work to do to ensure that Canada remains an internationally competitive place for manufacturers and exporters to invest, innovate, and grow." — Jayson Myers, president and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • "On the generosity index, this budget moves Canada closer to the bottom of the world's 22 donor countries. Why is the government saving money on the backs of the world's most vulnerable people?" — Mark Fried, Oxfam
  • "The government could have used this budget to help struggling middle-class and working Canadians, but it chose to not to do so." — Ken Georgetti, president Canadian Labour Congress
  • "These budget measures are a giant leap forward for Canada and for patients across the country." — Phil Upshall, national executive director, Mood Disorders Society of Canada
  • "There may be short-term penny pain for long-term gain. We must get the transition right." — Garth Whyte, president and CEO of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
  • "Today's budget continues building a new infrastructure partnership that creates jobs and strengthens Canada's future economic foundations. The government must expand this partnership in the future to fix growing holes in a high-priced housing market; support front-line policing; and build safe, sustainable communities at the heart of a strong and prosperous country." — Federation of Canadian Municipalities


Meagan Fitzpatrick is a multiplatform reporter with CBC News in Toronto. She joined the CBC in 2011 and previously worked in the Parliament Hill and Washington bureaus. She has also reported for the CBC from Hong Kong. Meagan started her career as a print reporter in Ottawa.