10 voices on ending the long-gun registry

Qutoes from proponents and opponents of the government's proposed legislation to eliminate the long-gun registry.

"Today is a defining moment for our government ... The long-gun registry is not gun control, and because of that it is an ineffective and a waste of taxpayers hard-earned dollars." — Candice Hoeppner, Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Public Safety

"That waste is finally coming to an end." — Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

"It's like a slap in the face." — Quebec NDP MP Francoise Boivin, on the federal government's refusal to help a province that wants its own gun registry

"(The Conservatives) do not have a strong mandate to destroy the gun registry and in the process, destroy all the records that are there. ... They do not have a strong mandate to make our communities less safe than they were when they were elected on May 2." — NDP MP Jack Harris

"I guess the message is Mr.Harper doesn't care about Quebec." — BQ MP Maria Mourani

"In the upcoming days the Coalition for Gun Control will look at the fine print of the bill, but it appears that the government is proposing an archaic roll back of the clock to the days when police recovered a gun and had to search store by store to see where the firearm was sold." — Coalition for Gun Control

"The rate of spousal homicide by gun has gone down 69 per cent and we attribute most of that to the impact of the gun registry. Without question we need it in Canada." — Pamela Harrison, Transition House Association of Nova Scotia

"As a woman, the long-gun registry does not make me feel any safer or secure. It is wasteful, ineffective and reduces funding to do real things... The long gun registry does nothing to protect women. The long gun registry does not target criminals, it targets normal law abiding, innocent people." — Michele Vardy, supporter of the bill to scrap the gun registry

"Our position on this matter is clear — Canada must do all it can to prevent further tragedies from happening, including using the tools we have to help keep communities safe, like the long-gun registry." — Sue O'Sullivan, Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime

"This is a great first step and a cause for celebration among all responsible firearms owners. We have spent long hours on Parliament Hill and endured several false starts with Private Member's Bills that didn't succeed in the previous minority government. When this majority government stands to reject the registry, every Canadian should rejoice in the new-found fairness and freedom for sports shooters, hunters and trappers." — Tony Bernardo, Canadian Shooting Sports Association