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Éric Grenier is a senior writer and the CBC's polls analyst. He was the founder of ThreeHundredEight.com and has written for The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post Canada, The Hill Times, Le Devoir, and L’actualité.

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Trudeau, Scheer spar for what might be the last time in Parliament's Centre Block

A century ago, King George V said he believed that Canada's new Parliament building would "redound to the happiness and prosperity" of the nation. It hasn't quite lived up to his lofty hopes.

David Coon's Greens benefiting from post-election turmoil, polls suggest

Post-election polls indicate the Greens are the only party to have made significant gains since the September vote.

Conservatives couldn't ask for more in byelection victory — except a stronger NDP

Conservatives are doing well in byelections, but they need some signs of life from the NDP if they are going to take down the Liberals in 2019.

Justin Trudeau's byelection record puts him in the murky middle

Prime ministers who win new support in byelections can usually count on re-election. Those who don't are often booted from office. Justin Trudeau is somewhere in between.

Yves-François Blanchet running for Bloc Québécois leadership

A TV political pundit and former PQ cabinet minister is launching his bid to lead the Bloc Québécois.

Liberals confirm they're running against Singh as byelections planned for February

The Liberals will wait until the new year before calling byelections to fill three vacancies in the House of Commons - including one that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh hopes will finally secure him a seat.

The NDP is in trouble — and that's bad news for the Conservatives

As the next federal election approaches, Andrew Scheer's Conservatives might be asking themselves whether they can win without a strong NDP.

Why immigration could be a high-risk, low-reward issue in the 2019 election

A new poll shows Canadian concerns about immigration haven't deepened, even as politicians have increasingly focused on the issue.

Why Doug Ford's Franco-Ontarian cost-cutting could spell trouble for Andrew Scheer

Doug Ford has built a wedge between francophones and his government in Ontario — and it could frustrate Andrew Scheer's hopes of gaining ground in Quebec.

Election vote and seat projections

Full methodology for Éric Grenier's vote and seat projections.

Democrats on track to take House - but Senate might be out of reach

The electorate has swung toward the Democrats and away from Donald Trump, but it might not be enough to give the party complete control of Congress.

Maxime Bernier's People's Party claims 30,000 'founding members'

The new party says it has members spread evenly across the country and riding associations in one-third of Canada's seats.

Conservatives maintain fundraising edge over Liberals

Conservatives and Liberals have set new non-election year records in fundraising ahead of the 2019 vote.

Delaying Jagmeet Singh's byelection might be calculated, but it isn't unprecedented

The Liberals are delaying NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's shot at a seat in the House of Commons. New Democrats are crying foul - but there's nothing unusual in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's move.

Ex-governor general David Johnston nominated as Canada's first debates commissioner

The Liberal government has nominated former governor general David Johnston as the first debates commissioner, tasked with organizing two leaders' debates to be held during the 2019 federal election.