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Éric Grenier is a senior writer and the CBC's polls analyst. He was the founder of ThreeHundredEight.com and has written for The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post Canada, The Hill Times, Le Devoir, and L’actualité.

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NDP hits new polling low in Quebec with Outremont byelection test looming

Three recent polls in Quebec suggest the NDP might be back to where it was before the Orange Wave started building.

Conservatives, Liberals set new fundraising records ahead of election year

Party fundraising efforts are in full swing ahead of next year's election as the Conservatives, Liberals and Greens hit new highs.

Speaker Regan's 'naming and shaming' approach to hecklers isn't working

MPs will sit in the new House of Commons for the first time on Monday, but it will be as noisy as ever.

In Quebec, Conservatives are hoping Liberals can't fight city hall

The Conservatives want to make gains in Quebec in this fall's election and are recruiting local mayors to get them.

New Bloc leader, same Bloc problems

Yves-François Blanchet is the new leader of the Bloc, but the challenges he faces are not new for the beleaguered sovereignist party.

Singh faces a trial-by-fire while Liberals, Conservatives look to score wins in upcoming byelections

The NDP has its work cut out for it to hold two seats when byelections are held in three ridings across the country on Feb. 25.

Why the Liberals can't afford to ignore rural Canada

In Monday's cabinet shuffle, the Liberals moved to address their rural shortcomings ahead of October's federal election.

What the poll numbers say about Trudeau's choices as he shuffles his cabinet

If the prime minister wants to address some vulnerabilities ahead of October's election, here are the ministers whose poll numbers could be weighing him down.

Why Justin Trudeau will be spending a lot of time in B.C. in 2019

Both the Liberals and Conservatives are hoping for gains in British Columbia in this year's federal election. They'll need them.

How the upcoming federal byelections could make history

A leader's future, a party's past and another party's split — February's byelections could follow in the footsteps of other history-making votes.

Year-end polls point to trouble for Trudeau — but no clear signs of collapse yet

Duelling polling narratives disagree on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chances in next year's election. What to make of them?

Voters want something new, campaigns (sometimes) still matter — and other political lessons of 2018

Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and the U.S. midterms: Change was in the air in 2018's elections. And that could hold a few broader lessons for the eventful election year to come.

Months after launching his People's Party, Maxime Bernier still has a long way to go

Maxime Bernier has started to build the foundations of his new party, but there's no sign yet that it will have a significant impact on the 2019 election.

Trudeau, Scheer spar for what might be the last time in Parliament's Centre Block

A century ago, King George V said he believed that Canada's new Parliament building would "redound to the happiness and prosperity" of the nation. It hasn't quite lived up to his lofty hopes.

David Coon's Greens benefiting from post-election turmoil, polls suggest

Post-election polls indicate the Greens are the only party to have made significant gains since the September vote.