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Éric Grenier is a senior writer and the CBC's polls analyst. He was the founder of ThreeHundredEight.com and has written for The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post Canada, The Hill Times, Le Devoir, and L’actualité.

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For Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP, the dial isn't moving fast enough

After three weeks on the campaign trail, the NDP needed a sign they were turning things around. They haven't gotten one.

Alberta's election comes down to Calgary — again

In Alberta's elections, parties need to win any two of Edmonton, Calgary and the rest of the province to form a government. That's why Calgary will decide the outcome this time.

With Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, the Commons' crew of Independent MPs enters uncharted territory

Wilson-Raybould and Philpott have joined a record-setting cohort of independents and MPs from 'unrecognized' parties.

Election vote and seat projections

Full methodology for Éric Grenier's vote and seat projections.

Atlantic Canada goes from stronghold to point of vulnerability for Liberals

In a sense, the public outline of the SNC-Lavalin scandal emerged in Atlantic Canada with Scott Brison's resignation - and polls suggest it's in Atlantic Canada that the Liberals have suffered the most.

Votes in B.C. and P.E.I. give the Greens two shots at making history

A federal byelection may offer the Green Party a chance to elect a second MP for the first time — just days after a P.E.I. provincial election that could create some momentum with a first-ever Green government.

Speaker Regan's 'naming and shaming' approach to hecklers isn't working

MPs will sit in the new House of Commons for the first time on Monday, but it will be as noisy as ever.

Rachel Notley's NDP starts Alberta campaign with big hill to climb

Rachel Notley and the NDP have plenty of ground to make up in the next several weeks if they're going to make the Alberta election race competitive with Jason Kenney's United Conservatives.

As Liberals slip in key demographics, they hope the budget can stop the bleeding

The stakes are higher than usual for an election year budget, as the Liberals' electoral fortunes take a turn for the worse.

Singh's Quebec strategy has the NDP fishing in a small pool

The NDP is looking to change the narrative in Quebec and is drawing inspiration from a left-wing, sovereigntist provincial party.

How to follow the polls in a tumultuous election year

With little more than seven months to go, the Conservatives have the edge. Here's how you can keep track of what happens between now and election day.

Liberals have taken a polling hit over SNC Lavalin - but Trudeau's taken a bigger one

The latest polls suggest that Justin Trudeau, rather than the Liberal Party, has been hurt most by the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Win, lose or draw? Byelection results suggest struggles ahead for major parties

The three major parties all came out of last night's byelections with reasons to celebrate - and even more reasons to worry.

How today's byelections preview the key themes of this fall's federal election

Monday's federal byelections should shine a spotlight on some of the big themes of this election year.

First post-SNC-Lavalin polls look bad for Trudeau Liberals

The Liberals were on track for re-election at year's end - but the SNC-Lavalin affair has taken its toll on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.