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Government will review RCMP contract awarded to China-linked company

Government officials says the federal government will investigate an RCMP equipment contract awarded to a company with ties to China's government — and will also change its approach to procurement.

Federal government awarded RCMP contract to firm with ties to China

The federal government awarded a contract to provide and maintain RCMP communications equipment to a firm with financial ties to the Chinese government, Radio-Canada has learned.

Visa issues at COP15 biodiversity summit in Montreal could be due to UN delays

The COP15 conference on biodiversity loss is underway in Montreal, but hundreds of delegates from developing countries are missing out due to visa issues that could stem from the United Nations issuing late accreditations.

Ukraine will negotiate with Russia on the battlefield, MPs tell Canadian audience

Russia needs to be defeated, isolated and punished for making war on Ukraine — and western policymakers need to accept that and start thinking about what could happen after the shooting stops — a senior member of the Ukrainian parliament told a Canadian audience on Tuesday.

'This type of a ban will affect the hunters': Yukon leaders say federal gun bill worrisome

The federal government introduced a bill earlier this fall to ban handguns to address gun violence in Canada. In late November, proposed amendments added certain long guns to the bill, and the change is raising concerns for many hunters across the country, including in the Yukon. 

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