Polar Stroller skis for baby buggies help families glide through winter

A Calgary couple who hated pushing their baby stroller through ice and slush have invented the Polar Stroller, skis that attach to the wheels of almost every kind of stroller or chariot.

Calgary couple, frustrated by pushing baby stroller through snow, invent snap-on skis

Little skis, sold in sets of three and four, fit onto the wheels of most strollers and chariots. (

A Calgary couple has invented skis that attach to the wheels of almost every kind of baby stroller or chariot.

"So you can go to the dog park, enjoy your winter walks, the ski hills, snowshoe — all the fun outdoor things which we have to do in the winter to stay active and sane," said Kelly Patterson.

She and her engineer husband, Glenn, came up with the idea for the Polar Stroller after the birth of their first child. They are avid outdoor people and found it cumbersome to push their baby stroller through ice and slush. So they started working on a solution.

Kelly Patterson taking her Polar Stroller along a snowshoe trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre. (

"It's a lightweight, but very durable ski which has an adjustable binding to fit the large majority of stroller wheel sizes and it attaches onto your existing wheel. It takes just a few moments to attach and detach," said Patterson.

But why not just pull your kids in a sled?

Patterson says that setup doesn't always work for moms who have just given birth or parents with back issues.

"If you use your whole body weight and your strong back and leg muscles to push your stroller, it's way easier than anchoring something around your waist and pulling it," she said.

No runaway strollers

For extra safety, the couple added traction on the base of the stroller skis — similar to children's cross country skis.

"If you walk and stop, and let go of your handle, your stroller does not slide back on you," said Patterson.

The skis also come with a safety leash which attaches to the frame of the stroller and your wrist.

The Pattersons sell the stroller skis in sets of three and four online. Prices range from $150 to $170 Cdn.


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