Nazim Baksh

CBC investigative producer

Nazim Baksh is a producer with The Fifth Estate. He has won numerous awards over the years for his work on The National, The Fifth Estate and the CBC's documentary unit among more. Since 9/11, he has worked extensively on issues of national security and violent religious extremism.

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Between faith and fear: Imams call for suspension of Islamic burial rituals during pandemic

As Muslims in Canada begin to bury their dead from COVID-19, they find themselves isolated, often grieving alone and learning that many of the rituals associated with religious burials have been suspended in some provinces.

Some Toronto-area mosques remain open despite dire warnings about COVID-19

A group of Ontario imams and Islamic scholars are fighting an uphill battle to convince management at a handful of Toronto-area mosques to completely shutter their doors. 

No regret: Captured ISIS fighter wants to come home — but not if he will be judged by Canadian law

While captured ISIS members and their families at home in Canada have been pleading with Ottawa for help to repatriate them, the country’s handling of the contentious issue has come in for criticism by security experts.
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Order of Canada recipient Peter Dalglish found guilty of child sex assault in Nepal

After spending more than a year at an overcrowded jail near Kathmandu, prominent Canadian aid worker Peter Dalglish has been found guilty of sexually assaulting children in Nepal.

A man 'cannot do that to a woman': Why polygamy in Canadian Muslim community could be another #MeToo moment

Some women in Canada's Muslim community who learned their husbands are married to second wives believe this is their own #MeToo moment, an opportunity to speak out and demand an end to the practice of polygamy in their community.

Vice journalist 'eager' on eve of his press-freedom hearing at Supreme Court

Vice journalist Ben Makuch is looking forward to his hearing May 23 on the RCMP's demand for his communications on a story about an ISIS member.

Canadian ISIS fighter at heart of NYT podcast says RCMP gave him a lie detector test

A former Canadian ISIS fighter now living in Toronto has told CBC News that the RCMP questioned him and administered a lie detector test following the release of a New York Times podcast in which he confesses to carrying out two executions.

Canadian parents plead for mercy ahead of son's sentencing in NYC bomb plot

The parents of a 20-year-old Canadian man convicted of plotting bombings in New York City say their son's history of mental illness and drug addiction made him vulnerable to ISIS manipulation. They're asking a U.S. judge to take that into consideration when he's sentenced next month.

Montreal mother's odyssey to rescue daughter from ISIS pays off

A Montreal mother said she is relieved her daughter is finally safe from ISIS, even though she will most likely face terrorism charges when she returns to Canada.
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'My life was ripped apart': Two Calgary Muslim men say CSIS wrongfully targeted them

Two Muslim men from Calgary say Canada’s security agencies wrongly lumped them in with a cluster of jihadis who left to fight with ISIS, and their lives have been disrupted.
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Young Canadian ISIS recruit says he saw violence on scale he could never have imagined

In early 2014, a young Toronto-area man who went by the jihadi nom de guerre "Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi" (Abu Huzaifa the Canadian) cleaned out his bank account and left to join the ranks of ISIS.

Calgary jihadists' associate cleared on terrorism charges in Algeria

A Calgary man, who also holds Algerian citizenship, is free after spending more than a year being detained in an Algerian prison.

Calgary man in Algerian prison on terrorism charge a 'whipping boy' of CSIS: lawyer

The federal government isn't doing enough to help a Calgary man who has been held for more than a year in a prison in Algeria on charges of belonging to a terrorism group, says one of his lawyers.

50 years later, the beat goes on for the city's Caribbean festival

Toronto's Caribbean Festival marks a half century this summer of music, dancing and celebrating in the streets of the city, but even with the upcoming anniversary the infighting that's marred the festival in the past hasn't gone away.

Man linked to Calgary's jihadi cluster has been in Algerian jail for nearly a year

Abderrahmane Ghanem, a 30-year-old Canadian from Calgary, has been held for nearly a year in an Algerian prison, charged with being a member of a terrorist group.