Photo of Trudeau and his mom elicits warm reactions online

Before giving his acceptance speech, Trudeau took a moment to embrace his mother, Margaret.

'I'm sure Pierre is beaming somewhere'

Freelance photographer Justin Tang won a 2015 National Newspaper Award for News Feature Photo with this picture of then Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau embracing his mother on election night, 2015. (Justin Tang/CP)

A picture of a shared moment between Justin Trudeau and his mother Monday evening is prompting warm reactions online. 

The image was captured before the prime minister-designate spoke to Canadians after winning a Liberal majority government. 

Earlier in the campaign, Margaret said of her son, "Justin has a wisdom... I'm very biased as his mum — but Justin's been through an awful lot in his life, and he's grown up on the knee of one of the world's great leaders."

The photo, snapped by Justin Tang for The Canadian Press, is being shared widely online. CBC News asked readers what the image says to them. 

"No matter what side of the political spectrum you sit on, on this we should all be able to agree that this photo is great," Doug Fearwood wrote on Facebook.

"She is one proud mother of her son that for sure is more then happy for him for living his dream and also," wrote Amanada Stewart, also on Facebook.

Sandi Budzak Soares echoed the sentiment. 

"I see love, pride and nostalgia in Margaret's face. I see love and gratitude in Justin's face." 

Here's how some users responded on Twitter to our question.


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