Peggy Lam


Peggy is a reporter and newsreader based in Edmonton. Prior to landing in Edmonton, she has worked in Kitchener-Waterloo, Beijing, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and St. John's, covering daily news and current affairs. Got a story idea? Email her at or tweet her @peggylam_

Latest from Peggy Lam

Alberta proposes new legislation to join B.C.'s lawsuit against opioid companies

The Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act is being proposed so Alberta can join B.C. in its lawsuit to recover opioid-related health care costs.

'I thought it was BS': Alberta drivers facing higher insurance costs

Some Alberta drivers are facing an increase in car insurance premiums next year. The news comes a month after the provincial government lifted a five per cent cap on car insurance rates. 

Stolen equipment could delay opening for north-central Alberta ski hill

Staff at the Long Lake Ski Area in Thorhild County, Alta. say they're frustrated with the break-and-enter thefts they've been getting at their shop — having been broken into twice in two months, most recently on Monday.

Tech companies offer new ways to buy, sell homes in Edmonton

Technology is giving Edmonton homeowners more options when it comes to selling their home on the cheap.

'The spirit of reconciliation': Albertans in court can now swear on an eagle feather

You can now swear on an eagle feather instead of the Bible in court.

'Unfortunate' poles in sidewalks frustrate Highlands and Beverly residents

The placement of power poles in the middle of residential sidewalks makes walking difficult, even hazardous, say residents of Edmonton's Beverly and Highlands neighbourhoods.

Edmonton traffic prosecutors tightening reins for photo radar ticket reductions

Edmonton Crown representatives are no longer granting reductions during first meetings for photo-radar tickets. Those who want one must appear in traffic court.

Edmonton autistic artist remembered for achieving 'improbable territory'

Colleagues, family and friends are mourning the death of Matthew Wong, an Edmonton artist diagnosed with autism who was recognized internationally for his landscape paintings.

Nearly a year later, residents still waiting for developer to fix fence that impales deer

The City of Edmonton has set aside $60,000 to fix a fence that impales deer, but can't move forward without hearing from the developer, Delta Square Development Ltd.

Albertans with distracted driving tickets are finding it hard to get car insurance

Albertans with distracted driving convictions are finding it increasingly difficult to get full insurance coverage at reasonable rates, insurance brokers tell CBC News.

Girl with spinal condition 'unregistered' as Hinton dance school reviews disability policy

Dad has started a petition after the Hinton School of Dance brought in the draft of a policy that will require medical clearance for disabled students

Hooked on sushi: Edmonton home caterer serves up 10-course meal and a show

If you want to hire Vinh Tran, you'd better act soon; he's already booked up to a year in advance as the popularity for home catering services continues to grow in the city. 

Fort Saskatchewan condo residents waiting for answers a month after evacuation

Don Foster, a resident of the evacuated condo, says 95 per cent of his belongings still remain in his unit.

You can now pay someone $15 per hour to wait in line at Edmonton's Jollibee

How bad do you want the famous Filipino fried chicken? Bad enough to pay someone $15 an hour?

CDI College terminates concussed student for 5 absences

A student at the Career Development Institute College in Edmonton says she's worried she may have to pay a $20,000 tuition a second time after a head injury caused her to miss classes.