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Peggy is a reporter based in Winnipeg. She has worked for the CBC in Vancouver, Toronto, St. John's, Kitchener-Waterloo and Edmonton. Got a story idea? Email her at or tweet her @peggylam_

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Northern Manitoba schools receive 500 Onetab devices, allowing students to learn offline

A donation made by the Millican family will help 500 students in northern Manitoba improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Winnipeg e-commerce company plans to hire 100 more staff after landing $35M in investment funding

Bold Commerce has grown from four founders to 382 employees. Now, the company has raised more money to hire 100 more staff.

Garden Hill First Nation says outside help is needed to fight COVID-19 outbreak

The First Nation is waiting on an assessment from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Women's group aims to sew 300 masks for Winnipeg's inner city residents

By learning how to make face masks, they're also finding connection.

More than 100 attend protest in Steinbach, despite mayor's plea to stop

As protesters from the group Hugs Over Masks gathered on Saturday, Steinbach’s mayor begged them to stop, saying they’re jeopardizing the Manitoba city’s chances of reopening businesses.

'A great achievement': Peguis First Nation marks 25 days without new case of COVID-19

The First Nation is seeing no new or active cases of COVID-19, despite allowing off-reserve members to come home and visit over the holidays.

Winnipeg tattoo parlour defies public health orders by reopening shop

A shop owner in Winnipeg says he will reopen his tattoo parlour in order to feed his children — even if that means defying Manitoba's public health orders.

Some Manitoba paramedics now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

This includes paramedics, emergency medical responders, nurses and respiratory therapists who perform emergency response services and those who work in patient transportation by land and air. But they must be born on or before Dec. 31, 1975.

Passport photo services should be considered essential under Manitoba's pandemic rules: international student

A post-doctoral student from the University of Manitoba says passport photos are essential to international students like her, and she's calling on the province to allow passport photo centres to operate under the current pandemic restrictions.

Addiction recovery support groups find out they're allowed to operate

Some addiction recovery support groups are puzzled as to why they’re just discovering they’ve been permitted to operate and hold in-person meetings. 

As pandemic brings low-key celebrations, Manitobans who don't celebrate Christmas say pressure's off this year

Pandemic restrictions are giving some Manitobans who don't celebrate Christmas a much-needed break from the pressure of the holiday season. 

Winnipeg's thrift shops experience surge of customers in first days of reopening

Public health officials extended the province's code red restrictions last week, with exemptions given to thrift stores for them to reopen and sell non-essential items. The province said the stores' closures have disproportionately affected low-income people.

Shamattawa First Nation chief has 'a little bit of hope' after request made for more military help

The Canadian military has completed its reconnaissance mission, and Chief Eric Redhead says a request has been made by the commanding officer to send an additional 60 to 70 Forces members to the northern Manitoba First Nation.

Military lands in Shamattawa First Nation to aid with COVID-19 outbreak

A Hercules military aircraft from the Canadian Armed Forces arrived in Shamattawa First Nation Wednesday afternoon. The plane came with additional medics and rangers to help with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Parents of children with underlying health conditions upset by those flouting public health orders

They fought long and hard to keep their children healthy, living isolated lives for years. Now they can't believe people can’t follow simple public health restrictions.