Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler is a Radio-Canada journalist based in St. John's. He previously worked for CBC News in Toronto and Montreal.

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N.L. ferries made 4,100 trips with no passengers last year

Ferries in Newfoundland made 4,100 trips without a single passenger last year. In total, more than 10 per cent of the nearly 38,000 runs made by the province’s 12 intraprovincial ferry services were empty.

Rough waters ahead for Marine Atlantic as ferry traffic tanks

With a massive decrease in passenger numbers, Marine Atlantic could soon face a formidable financial crunch — a situation that could mean ticket increases or a reduction in service.

Several police forces seeing dip in break-ins since COVID-19 pandemic began

While some departments say it's too early to draw any conclusions, many have noted they're getting fewer calls about burglaries.

Now that's a scenery change! French police thriller films in N.L. after South America

About 80 actors, producers, technicians and makeup artists have been criss-crossing the Avalon Peninsula this week filming a French TV cop thriller.

Delayed wharf upgrades mean cars won't travel to St-Pierre-Miquelon until at least summer

Drivers hoping to take their vehicles to and from St-Pierre-Miquelon by ferry will have to wait at least another six months due to delayed wharf renovations in Fortune.

Francophone newspaper tried to 'buy my silence,' says former assistant director

Newfoundland and Labrador’s francophone paper, Le Gaboteur, is in turmoil after the sudden firing of Etienne Vuillaume.

Offshore oil exploration in N.L. often occurs without wildlife monitoring

Oil and gas exploration regularly use powerful air guns shown to be harmful to marine life off the province's coast without environmental monitoring.

3 Atlantic provinces say tight budgets justify breaching charter language rights

Governments in three Atlantic Canadian provinces say financial constraints should justify violations of minority-language education rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Barely trained observers hired to monitor wildlife impacts of offshore oil exploration

Wildlife observers with little to no experience and no background in biology are being deployed to monitor the environmental impact of oil exploration off Newfoundland.
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The time I learned I'm not cut out to steer ships through the Narrows

Patrick Butler followed the team of pilots who — day and night, rain or shine — board and steer the biggest cruise ships and supply vessels through the Narrows and into St. John's harbour. 

For this 6th-generation rower, the Regatta's a family affair

If the forecast holds, Seth Hyde will take part in his second Royal St. John’s Regatta on Wednesday. He’s convinced that one day, he’ll be a Regatta champion.

Schools' hands tied on hiring decisions due to new collective agreement 

The latest collective agreement reached by the NLTA will see candidates automatically offered permanent jobs teaching subjects in which they have little or no training.

$5.25M deal signed with St-Pierre-Miquelon to renovate Fortune wharf

St-Pierre-Miquelon has agreed to pay the Fortune Port Authority $525,000 a year for 10 years in order to expand the wharf and the Canada Border Services Agency building in Fortune.

The Rooms reviewing exhibit referring to Beothuk people as 'Indians'

The Rooms says it is taking another look an exhibit that describes the first inhabitants of Newfoundland and Labrador as “Indians.”

Kurdish refugees suspected of trying to enter Canada illegally via St-Pierre but deny accusation

Kamel Rahman maintains police had no reason to detain and repeatedly interrogate him during his family's vacation to St-Pierre.