Trevor Tombe

Trevor Tombe is an associate professor of economics at the University of Calgary and research fellow at the School of Public Policy.

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OPINION | Political games won't solve Alberta's problems

The problems facing our economy, our health system, our provincial budget, and more, do not have easy answers. Blaming others and ignoring policy details is easy, says economist Trevor Tombe.

For Alberta, the day of fiscal reckoning has arrived

After the dust from this health crisis settles, we’ll need to have an open and honest discussion about our budget and our future, says economist Trevor Tombe.

OPINION | Gambling on oil prices, Alberta's budget is not prudent, responsible — or new

The budget reveals, yet again, the need for us to confront what we have failed to confront for generations: our reliance on an unpredictable source of revenue, says economist Trevor Tombe.

OPINION | Alberta's plan to balance its books is already off the rails

Barely four months since its last budget, Alberta's fiscal plan is already facing a new, multibillion-dollar hole — and Budget 2020 is due next week.

OPINION | Yes, Alberta's budget raises taxes. Yes, it cuts AISH. No, it's not 'austerity.'

Economist Trevor Tombe says before we can debate the pros and cons of the provincial budget, we have to understand what's actually in it. Because the facts don't match the spin.

A new deal with Canada? How about a new deal FOR Canada

Economist Trevor Tombe says we have a choice to make in the aftermath of the 2019 election: we can choose to concentrate on the policies that divide us, or on those that will unite us.

Why earnings in Alberta have been stagnant for years

What's behind our stagnant earnings? Will we return to pre-recession highs? And what can government do to help? Economist Trevor Tombe crunches the numbers.

Tombe: Neither the NDP nor the UCP offer the detailed fiscal plans Alberta needs

“Whatever the route forward, Alberta faces difficult choices ahead.” Economist Trevor Tombe looks at the different financial proposals in the provincial election.

Women led Alberta's economic recovery in 2018

Female employment in Alberta is rapidly rising, as are average earnings. And today, more Alberta women in their prime working years are participating in the labour market than ever before, writes Trevor Tombe.

Why producing less oil is likely to help Alberta — and Canada — earn more

"The government’s action is quick, simple, and likely to yield benefits," says economist Trevor Tombe on the possible outcome of production cuts.

If Albertans want to avoid fiscal disaster, the only choices left are difficult ones

"There are no simple solutions here. And shock therapy with massive immediate changes is not the way to go.” Economist Trevor Tombe on our immediate challenges.

It's time for an Olympic-sized financial reality check

"Our leaders should engage with citizens with full information about all aspects of this decision. They should trust Calgarians with more than spin." Economist Trevor Tombe analyzes the latest Olympic numbers.

Alberta's aging population is a fiscal time bomb

“Either we increase taxes, decrease spending, or some combination of the two,” says economist Trevor Tombe on Alberta’s financial time bomb.

What were they thinking? How the equalization debate ended before it even began

Economist Trevor Tombe looks at the equalization program, and what a formula freeze means to Alberta.

Buying up Trans Mountain isn't ideal, but it's the right call, right now

Temporary federal ownership IS a credible way to overcome the unique political and regulatory risks created by B.C.