Sean Bruyea

Sean Bruyea, vice-president of Canadians for Accountability, has a graduate degree in public ethics, is a retired Air Force intelligence officer and frequent commentator on government, military and veterans’ issues.

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Canada needs a public inquiry into its treatment of veterans

Veterans and their families need to tell the story of how they have been repeatedly stigmatized, marginalized, betrayed and abandoned by the government system they were willing to die defending.

Why a military suicide should have been prevented — and why it wasn't

The Canadian military should have prevented Cpl. Nolan Caribou’s suicide. Here’s why I think it didn’t.

The Legion should no longer hold a monopoly on the poppy

Why should the Legion have exclusive trademark rights for this international sacred symbol of sacrifice? Such responsibility should not be entrusted to just one organization, especially one that is not fully accountable to all Canadians.

Governments of the past have been able to provide proper veteran care. So what's changed?

For at least the last 200 years, whenever veterans required care, government provided — sometimes begrudgingly — regardless of its economic circumstances.

Liberals' new 'pension for life' for veterans fails to live up to campaign promises

Not only does the pension option not pay any additional amounts for family members, the average monthly payment is expected to be around $200. Compare that to the pre-2006 pension that pays up to $2733 monthly, with an average of $680.

This is why many Canadian veterans are troubled over the Khadr settlement

For those who have devoted their lives to defending Canada — and now fight to receive their deserved compensation — watching the Canadian government simply hand over $10.5 million to someone who allegedly fought against our ally is unsettling, to say the least.